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Top 5 Applications for Developing your Intelligence and Memory Skills

Rational use of computer technology can bring huge benefits. As for games, among them one can find a lot of useful training which enables the development of intelligence and memory applications. Here’s a list of five games for the operating system Android, which will help you to relax whilst allowing you to raise your mental abilities to a higher level.

#1 AnkiDroid

AnkiDroid is a small but useful application for progressing your memory skills with the method of interval repetition. Previously, this technique has been successfully applied in the study of foreign languages. The game itself has a lot of options and settings’ It supports the use of cards in a variety of types of content, converts text into audible speech, provides statistics, charts, backup, integration of dictionaries, synchronization AnkiWeb, and widgets.

#2 Quento

This program is a mathematical puzzle, and aims to solve arithmetic problems of different characters.
The game has several levels of difficulty. The first two of them are free. To be able to enjoy the third level (by the way, the most interesting) you have to pay a small amount. The application has a nice interface, supports the sound effects and is compatible with different mobile platforms.

#3 One Touch Drawing

This is a very interesting and exciting game. The main purpose is to break the mindset stereotype and develop spatial perception. In this game you have to make geometrical figures, without tearing off your finger from the starting point. The game begins with the most simple shapes, but further it will become harder and harder. At the same time the rules of the game will become more complex.

#4 Memory Trainer

It’s no secret that the memory, as well as other natural human abilities, is not permanent and unchangeable. With age, as well as the absence of relevant stimuli, memory can be affected. To avoid this, you must always train your memory. Use the Memory Trainer as a stimulator – also it’s a free app for Android. In a funny way the program will offer you to perform various, simple tasks at first.
For example, briefly showing a phone number and then asking you to remember it. But this is only the beginning. While training in Memory Trainer it’s important not to overdo it. To strengthen and improve your ability to remember 30 minutes of training a day would be enough.

#5 Mind Games

Another application for memory development and strengthening is the app called Mind Games. You are offered a series of exercises for different types of memory. They can be used to develop short-term and long-term memory. The app automatically determines your ability and selects for you the best  course.

As you can see, games are not always a waste of time, in contrast, while you are playing, you can get a lot of benefits. Intellectual exercise can be achieved through gaming in much the same way as physical training.  So, use these apps to improve yourself!

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