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Top 5 Apps for Developing Your Drawing Skills

Not all people are born to be managers, financiers or businessmen. Some of us have creative personalities and are better suited to life as an artist. For hundreds of years they have created works of art with their paints, brushes, and imagination. But now is the 21st century - the century of technology. Now if you have a tablet and a creative mind, using multiple applications, you can create masterpieces of digital art. Here are 5 apps that will allow you to do this:

   #1 Sketchbook

Even in the free version of the app Sketchbook, you will find many tools that make it easy to realize your ideas on the screen of the tablet. It has everything that you would expect from drawing app: tools for working with layers, various brushes, functions «undo» and «redo». Additional brushes and functions can be purchased directly from the application. The application has a clean and convenient interface, but it’s easier to manage with a stylus. When you’ve finished your masterpiece, you can save it in your gallery or share on social networks.


   #2 Paper

Paper demonstrates an unusual and beautiful approach to drawing tools. Create a note with the date and theme of the picture and begin to work. At your disposal is a basic brush and paint, with which you can sketch a simple picture. The real features of the application only open, when you try to paint with watercolors and different brushes. The application itself is free, but additional features and tools can be purchased directly from the application. Before you buy, you can try them out. Images can be saved in the Gallery of the application or shared to your friends using Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.

   #3 Procreate

Procreate is quite a popular application because for an affordable price users get a multifunctional, fast and app. Hundreds of drawing tools, 16 layers, the possibility of deeper brushes settings, the opportunity to cancel an action taken 100 steps back and autosave. All of that is combined with an excellent interface that allows you to get real pleasure from the creative process. Finished drawings can be saved in the gallery, or exported to Adobe Photoshop.


  #4 ArtRage

The application ArtRage, has been popular on the Mac and PC for the long time, and now for iPhone and iPad. The ArtRage interface resembles the artist’s studio: with brushes and other instruments that we always use when we draw on standard paper or canvas. There are tools such as the palette knife and special watercolor brush. The user can also carefully monitor the movement of the brush. ArtRage is a serious product for the artist.

   #5 Infinite Design

The only application that is available exclusively for Android. Infinite Design allows you to draw sketches, make handwritten notes, and create truly beautiful and intricate designs easily. Canvas can be infinitely increased, rotated and have different effects applied to it. Several brushes and tools are available for the user. The application allows you to create vector graphics using the multi-touch gestures and saves the picture in the process.

So use these apps and do your best, creating real works of art!

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