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Top 5 Apps for Workers Who Spend a Lot of Time Travelling Overseas

Working in a job that allows (or requires) you to frequently travel overseas can be pretty sweet. For sure, there are few things more satisfying than jetting off to interesting, exotic and perhaps even adventurous places overseas while everyone else gets on with doing ’the same old, same old’ at home. However, while this kind of lifestyle may seem glamorous and adventurous from the outset, it is fair to say that frequent international travel is not without downsides. Indeed, travelling by air these days is enough in itself to banish any illusions of glamour far away, as frequent safety concerns, overzealous security personnel, and pointless shoeless and beltless zombie parades ensure flying in the 21st century is rarely a very enjoyable experience. Moreover, the reality of staying in hotel rooms and/or hostels for weeks or months on end can make you feel somewhat isolated after a time, while packing and unpacking several times a week also has a way of doing your head in once the novelty of it all wears off. 

If you yourself travel a lot as part of your job then you will no doubt agree that, despite all of the perks, travelling so often can – at times – actually be something of a chore.

Fortunately, living in the Digital Age ensures many of the more irritating features of international travel can be easily mitigated, often just by doing nothing more than making a few finger sweeps on your smartphone or tablet. This is because there are numerous apps now available that can help to make everything from packing your bags to finding a decent airport café a veritable breeze.

Here are five of the most useful:

#1 Packing Pro


While pilots and cabin crew are famous for being exemplary packers, it is normally the case that the rest of us struggle a little bit when it comes to getting everything in our suitcases or rucksacks. This handy app can be a right little Godsend as it enables you to create lists of what you’ll need based on the number of people in your travelling party and the total number of days you’ll be away. In addition, Packing Pro also takes into account the temperature, the nature of your destination, and even your clothes-washing preferences, so you can be confident the stuff that ends up in your bags will be there for all the right reasons.

#2 minube

Android and iOS

While some travelling workers get their destinations chosen for them by their bosses, others – namely freelancers – get to pick and choose where they feel like going. Of course, narrowing down your choices can be a difficult thing to do when the whole world is your oyster. If you are fortunate enough to face this very pleasant quandary in your line of work, then you may well find this app to be worth a looksy as it has a database of 200,000 experiences drawn from more than half-a-million travellers available for you to scrutinise, thus making it an invaluable aid for finding a suitable destination.

#3 TripAdvisor

Android, iOS and Windows

Finding a decent place to stay is integral to enjoying your time working overseas. While the advent of the Internet has made it much easier to book rooms in advance than ever before, it is still too often the case that some accommodation providers are a little economical with the truth about the properties featured on their website. The TripAdvisor app should be your first port of call here as it skips right past the glossy pictures and evocative write-ups, and gives you honest, straight-to-the-point reviews of places by people who have actually stayed there themselves.

#4 TripIt

Android and iOS

Travelling overseas can be a complicated business these days, especially when you’re going somewhere you’ve never been before. Let’s face it, sorting out visas, making reservations, following itineraries, finding designated places and meeting up with colleagues (or keeping them together if you’re travelling as a group) can be a nightmare at times. This app can be hugely beneficial when it comes to keeping organised as it lets you keep all of your travel planning information in one place. Better still, the TripIt app can be accessed by multiple planners too, thereby making it an indispensable aid for group-based jollies as well as individual jaunts.

#5 GateGuru

Android, iOS and Windows

Although similar in vein to TripIt in that its main remit is to help keep your travel essentials organised, GateGuru earns its stripes by including the innovative AirportCard feature. Essentially, this provides you with a detailed map of your chosen airport and gives you a complete rundown of all of the services, shops, restaurants and bars to be found there. Suffice to say, this can be extremely useful when you find yourself stuck in one of the world’s more cavernous airports with a good few hours to kill.

Do you use an app not featured here to help you travel and work overseas? If so, then we’d love to hear about it. Please feel free to share your comments in the box below.

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