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Top 5 Apps to Improve Your Work Productivity

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We all get 24 hours in a day—it’s what you do with those hours that make all the difference. Successful people stand apart because they complete an exceptional amount of work during that time. 

Thankfully, they haven’t been born with any exclusive superpower but have found some great apps to help them. We all struggle with procrastination and self-discipline. Here are five of the most popular apps to improve your productivity. 

1. Self Control — Allows you to block selected websites for a designated time

This is one of the most powerful apps available for cutting off temptations of email and social media. Straightforward, yet highly effective. All you do is type in websites to a “Blacklist” which you can edit at any time. Then, you have a time-bar that allows you to set the amount of time you’d like those sites blocked for. 

Once they’re blocked, there’s no way to get around it, even if you remove the app. Currently, only available for Mac users, but here’s a good equivalent for Windows users.

2. Focus@will — Music optimized to boost your concentration and focus 

There’s been a lot of research recently supporting the power of music in our concentration. You may have heard of many people listening to classical music to improve their studying. More recently, binaural beats have received a lot of attention; your brain functions at different frequencies if it’s in a state of concentration.   Binaural beats sends different ’beats’ of frequency into each ear and the brain synthesizes it to recreate the same levels and state of concentration. 

Basing their technology off neuroscience, Focus@will provides different playlists and also allows you to track your productivity levels.

3. irunurun — Accountability and progress tracker for your goals 

Setting goals in one thing, doing them is entirely other. Even once you start, staying committed is a struggle. This is what irunurun specializes in. From exercising, eating, to reading, this app has a simple dashboard that allows you to list goals in different categories and then tracks your daily progress, and gives you a weekly score. 

The “Team” function is highly effective in building your own small little community to encourage on another.

4. Rescue Time — Analyses the amount of time you spend on applications and websites 

Often, we’re not even aware of how much time we waste online. Awareness is the key to change, and this app gives detailed reports on the specific sites you visit, and on sites that you flag as important or relevant for your work. 

You can set goals for the day, with an alarm notifying you of when you’re spending too much time on any designated site.

5. Pushbullet — Streamlining your work and devices to work more efficiently 

Rather than having to jump back and forth from your smartphone to your desktop, this app allows you to see all of your phone’s notifications while working at your computer. And instead of having to email anything to yourself, you can sync up your preferred browser extensions and open files on any device.

Do you use any alternative apps to keep you productive? Let us hear about them in the comments section below!

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