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Top 5 Fall and Winter Decorations for the Office

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1. Fall Decorations: Pumpkins and Neutrals
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Though typically associated with Halloween, pumpkins are a great (and fairly neutral) symbol for the Fall season. You can paint your pumpkins any colour, really, but toned-down neutrals go well with existing office decor and don’t distract your co-workers. Plus, they’re a classy addition to any office or cube and don’t take up a ton of space. Just keep in mind that real pumpkins tend to rot after a while, so fake pumpkins may be more efficient.

If your office is big into the fall and winter holidays such as Thanksgiving, Harvest Festival, Christmas, etc., decorating the office may be something fun that you look forward to each year. But if this is your first time decorating or really getting in to the spirit, it can be tough to find classy inspiration that’s office appropriate. Here are five spaces that celebrate the holiday season in ways that cater to every holiday under the sun.


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