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Top 5 Gift Ideas for Your Boss's Birthday

Birthday Cake

It’s your boss’s birthday- what are you going to get them? While you may think you don’t have to get them anything, think again- it’s always a good idea to show your manager that you appreciate them and that you recognize that they’re celebrating their birthday. It can’t hurt, after all. And if your colleagues are each buying him or her a present, you don’t want to look like the odd one out. With this top five gift ideas for your boss’s birthday, you will have lots of gifts to choose from and will amaze your boss, and maybe even impress them.

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1. A Cultural Experience

It’s the thought that counts when it comes to a gift, right? So, why not put a lot of thought into this present? They are your boss, after all, and are a pretty important part of your working life. Give the best gift of all: an experience.

You want to make sure that you’re giving your boss something they would actually enjoy- you don’t want your gift idea to backfire and make them feel bad about themselves or like you’re judging them. So, if they’ve said they hate the theatre, for example, don’t get them tickets to the hottest new play in town- but if they love plays, that would be the perfect present. If they’re a health nut, get them a weekend pass to an upcoming yoga or meditation workshop. And the best part of giving the gift of an experience? Your boss can tell you all about it afterward, which will bond the two of you, and could even lead to good news for your career in the future. It’s a win-win situation!

2. Homemade Baked Goods

Get out your apron and get into the kitchen. A homemade gift is thoughtful and considerate. Bake a trendy vegan carrot cake or a batch of fancy blueberry muffins. Whatever you make, spend a lot of time on the presentation. Buy some beautiful ribbons or even buy a cake box from a dollar store to transport your baked goods in the most stylish way possible.

This is also a good opportunity to prove that you really listen when your boss speaks. Do they follow a gluten-free diet thanks to their celiac disease diagnosis? Become their favorite employee (and maybe even their favorite person) by making an amazing gluten-free chocolate cake. If they’re vegan, let them know that what you made contains zero dairy or animal products whatsoever. They will appreciate the gift even more when they know that it’s totally safe for them to eat and enjoy

3. Homemade Crafts

You can also make something non-edible if you’re particularly crafty or amazing at the art of the DIY. The ideas are endless. You could give your boss a beautiful watercolour painting if you’re a gifted artist, or you could make them jewelry. You could even make something extra for their kids if they have any, to really score some brownie points. Hey, you’re not sucking up. It is their birthday.

4. Something That Shows Off Your Personality

Since your boss is, well, your boss, the gift can be more about you than about them. Don’t be afraid to give them a present that shows them a bit of your personality- as long as it’s appropriate, of course.

Are you a yoga or barre class devotee? Buy them a two-week pass to a studio in your city so they can try it out for themselves. The same goes for a special cookbook or even the amazing thriller that your book club just read. You will look like a strong, fit, healthy person or someone who is well-read and intelligent and creative- all good things for your manager to think about you.

5. Something Quirky

If you’re really stuck, think about the quirkiest thing about your boss. There’s got to be something- we’re all a little weird, after all, even those at the top of the company.

Maybe your boss loves to knit or has a romance novel addiction. As long as they’ve left those interests known, it’s completely fine to indulge them and buy them something relevant to their hobbies.

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It’s a good idea to remember your boss’s birthday. It’s an even better idea to arrange for a cake so the entire office can celebrate and sing the birthday song. And it’s an amazing idea to get your boss a special, memorable present. Follow this gift giving guide and with these top five ideas, you will be sure to get them something they will appreciate and, best of all, never forget!

Do you have any other gift ideas for your Boss? Let us know in the comments section below.

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