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Top 5 Gift Ideas for Your Colleague’s Birthday

gift for your colleague

Deciding what to give your colleague for their birthday doesn’t have to be a stressful or difficult process. Instead, you can make it a fun experience. Gift giving is a bonding experience and experts say it’s satistifying, too. With this gift guide, you will never be stuck wondering what to give the guy who makes you laugh while you’re on the job or your fellow cubicle mate who brings you an extra coffee when she gets one every afternoon, too. Here are the top five gift ideas for those you work with. And as a bonus, if you get your colleague a really awesome present, they just might reciprocate when your own birthday rolls around.

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1. Something Relaxing

We all have stress in our lives and there are a few different stresses that can affect you when you’re on the job. So why not get your colleague something that will help him or her relax and completely de-stress?

Many of us have jumped on the yoga bandwagon and love how the mind and body practice makes us feel, but some of us are scared to try it or worried we will be bored. Buy your fellow employee some yoga passes or get them some aromatherapy candles and a yoga mat so they can practice at home. And if your colleague isn’t exactly the friendliest person, some yoga might make them a nicer person and much easier to be around on Monday Mornings- stress can definitely take a toll.

2. Something Fun

Not all of us are lucky enough to have fun jobs and even if we do something enjoyable, there are bound to be certain work-related tasks that bring us down. Just think about the mountain of emails that are waiting for you in your Inbox every single morning when you arrive at your desk. Your colleague experiences that, too. So think about getting them a fun present.

Some ideas include a sparkly iPhone case, a book of funny quotes, or even a memoir by a famous comedian or actress that will get them smiling, laughing and inspired too.

3. A Gift Certificate

Gift certificates can seem like the easy way out or that you didn’t put any thought into the gift at all, but at the same time don’t you love getting a certificate for your favorite store? Do some digging and fact-finding around the office and ask about your colleague’s interests and hobbies if you don’t know them well enough to already be aware of them. Then buy them a gift certificate for a bookstore, clothing store, etc.

As long as you accompany the certificate with a funny or creative card, you can’t go wrong. Nobody ever thought that they couldn’t use $50 dollar gift certificate to buy two books or a new sweater. Your colleague will definitely be happy.

4. An Evening at a New Restaurant

You can also get gift certificates for dinner at certain restaurants, which is an amazing gift idea because it’s both a concrete present and an experience. Think about what dietary restrictions or food allergies your colleague has or if you don’t know, ask in a sneaky way- you can even mention that you want to bake some cookies or muffins for the office but want to make sure they will enjoy them. If they’re married with kids, think about a family-friendly restaurant or a place they can go alone with their spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend.

5. A Quirky I.O.U.

We all need favors from our colleagues from time to time, and we all get bogged down in the mundane tasks and details of the daily grind. Make your colleague love you forever and give them some handwritten I.O.U.s.

You can offer to buy them a coffee when they’re yawning at their desk, or get them that cupcake or donut they’re craving and must have at that given second, or even help them with a boring assignment. There is no way that they won’t appreciate these offers!

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With these top five gift ideas for your fellow employees, you will put a smile on their face, make them laugh and/or help them de-stress. You will be their most beloved colleague if you get them a yoga pass so they can finally check out the workout trend that everyone is raving about. Or if you give them an I.O.U. for coffee or treats on demand, and even if you get them a gift certificate for their favorite bookstore. You can never lose with these fun, quirky ideas. Oh, and don’t forget to wish them Happy Birthday.

Can you think of any other gift ideas for your colleague’s birthday? Share them in the comments section below.

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