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Top 5 Habits of Highly Effective Women

Women are today emerging as successful national leaders, corporate executives, inventors and business magnets across the world. Many attribute the rise to numerous distinct traits and way of life since women who break-the-ground and crash-ceilings to make grand entries on the global stage often share certain habits. Having one or more of the top five habits of highly effective women can therefore transform you into a universal icon with the ability to make a difference irrespective of your profession.

Highly Organized

Most effective women demonstrate high-sense of organization. They keep their surroundings tidy and carry out professional and domestic tasks in order of priority without taking anything for granted. As a result, they always keep a pen and a note book in their purses to write down important things to be done by drawing and adhering to elaborate daily plans. Some use gadgets with ‘reminder alarms’ such as electronic calendars, laptops, phones or tablets.

Emotional Stability

Psychological human reaction studies show that men are more emotional than women but they have a natural knack for concealing this fact, says Daily Mail. Emotionally stable women are therefore usually regarded as strong and unbreakable, giving them the impetus to compete with their male counterparts at any social, financial or professional level.

Top-rate Confidence

According to Psychology Today, confident individuals are in most cases accurate in their endeavors, regardless of gender. It’s therefore apparent that confidence is amongst the top habits harbored by highly effective women. Cultivate this habit by sweeping off any professional, health or social setbacks. Aim at results. Speak your mind and conduct yourself boldly without stepping over acceptable social or professional etiquettes and always remind yourself that your professional prowess isn’t complete without top-rate confidence.


Highly effective women don’t leave in the world of their own. They understand other people’s strengths and weaknesses without being judgmental in addition to spreading their gift of empathy. These women are consequently always searching for ways to improve other people’s situations whether it’s by offering emotional or intellectual support. Fortune Magazine notes that this is why effective women are naturally more philanthropic compared to men.


Women are known to pay too much attention to their flaws and imperfections – a habit that’s rarely displayed by effective women. This is because they strive to focus on their strengths and mould their talents to make up for things they lack. They have mastered the art of taking care of their own problems without bringing in other people. They buy their own cloths and drive their own cars as some of them even live in their own houses, exhibiting high-level of self-reliance.

Effective habits can be acquired in as much as they can be inborn. You can therefore get hold of any of these top five habits by hanging around and emulating effective women. This could be your mother, sister, senior or junior office colleague. Ask them how they keep their effective habits alive and read books, magazine or online write-ups on your female role models who may have a myriad of habits you wish to acquire to help you in your quest for notable success and effective gait in your social and professional life.

Image source: Huffingtonpost

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