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Top 5 Inexpensive Countries to Start as Entrepreneurs

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1. China
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Americans will need a visa in advance for China. The length of the visa can vary from 3-12 months. Rent index is 25.82 and restaurant index 36.53

Money is definitely an obstacle for many aspiring entrepreneurs, especially if they are already in employment. Starting a company means giving up a stable salary and having to sustain yourself on savings for the predictable future. But what about building your startup at a place where you can eat delicious exotic meals in western-friendly restaurants at a surprisingly affordable cost of living?

Here’s a suggestion: Go live in an Asian country or another cheap destination for a few months. In Vietnam for instance, you can settle yourself in a decent hotel with wifi for around $10-15 per night. Don’t worry about dining at all. You can simply eat out for an average of $5. And because you’re halfway around the world, you won’t have your typical friends or obligations to distract you. It will be just you, a laptop, and a view of the motorcycles whizzing by in the streets.

If you seek for luxury though, head further to Indonesia. Traffic in Jakarta could be annoying, but there’s a solution: you can hire your own private driver who will drive you around up to eight hours a day for just $220 per month. And you can spend around $200 per month for a full-time maid who will cook you traditional Indonesian meals like spicy rendang beef. You will be living like a king!

The Asian startup scenes are relatively less vibrant to the Western ones, but certainly not nonexistent. You’ll still be able to join some buddies for a beer ($1 freshly made in Vietnam) and commiserate about the startup life.

Here are some ideas for affordable destinations to live in while starting your career as an entrepreneur…

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