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JOB SEARCH / JAN. 17, 2015
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Top 5 Jobs in the Solar Energy Industry Today

The solar energy industry employs experts from various professional backgrounds making it a fertile ground to go hunting for new, exciting and well-paying career opportunities. Solar industry jobs are as well easy to capture given the energy sub-sector’s exponential growth. The UK for instance recently added 1.45gW of solar energy to its renewable power grid, putting the country’s overall solar industry growth rate at over 600 percent. You can therefore join in the race for environmental sustainability by taking up any of these five jobs in the solar energy industry today.

Solar Designer Engineer

A degree in electrical engineering can land you a job as a solar designer engineer with various UK based solar manufacturing firms. The job entails designing 10kWp to 150kWp solar panels for industrial and commercial use. You therefore need articulate skills in AutoCard drafting and drawing of PV layouts. Schematic drawing using PV Syst or PVSol is also a requirement in addition to shading and modeling techniques used in up-to-the-minute solar panel design endeavors.

 Solar Power Scientist

Research and development in the solar energy sector is mainly driven by chemists and physicists. They work hand in hand either as research team members or lead scientists to establish the right materials for the manufacture of advanced panels made up of silicon-rich photovoltaic materials. Most contemporary solar panels are 10 to 15 percent more efficient compared to older models. Green energy scientists are therefore in search of ways to double up their efficiency, making an ambitious degree holder in physics and chemistry well-molded for the position of a solar power scientist in the UK and elsewhere around the world.

 Industrial Solar Engineer

Industrial solar engineers are often sought after to provide solar panels production-related services. They consequently require tacit knowledge of solar panel manufacture processes that start with smelting of silicon dioxide, found in quartz, to formulating solar cells before binding them with the help of vinyl acetate. The engineers usually work in groups or shifts making it significant to have top-notch interpersonal besides professional skills.


Solar Energy Software Developer

Software development is an integral facet in the solar energy industry. This is because solar energy firms are in constant search for cost-effective and highly marketable panels using high-class ingenuity and cutting-edge technology. Innovative solar energy software developers have for instance figured out how to program solar panels in their bid to widen the panels’ digital sunlight absorption features. This makes it possible to manufacture panels for places with erratic or unpredictable weather patterns.


Solar Engineering Technician

Provided you have a degree in any field of engineering and you harbor passion for renewable energy initiatives, you can become a solar engineering technician. Once in this position, you will majorly deal with procurement and maintenance of machines used to manufacture solar panels. The job can have a different twist as solar engineering technicians are as well employed to research, design and develop cost-effective solar panel manufacturing machines in the bid to lower production cost and make solar panels available to all globally.

People with no solar energy-related academic qualifications or experience can start on lucrative careers by taking short courses on commercial and residential solar panel installation. From here, you can work your way up to any of these top five jobs in the solar industry today and leave an indelible mark in the world of renewable energy.

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