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JOB SEARCH / JUL. 18, 2015
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Top 5 Jobs With The Biggest Adrenaline Thrills in The World

So if you have to work for a living, best case scenario is you have a job that you find interesting and enjoy. And if it also happens to provide an adrenaline rush, that just might be so much the better. Here are a few jobs that are some out-of-the-box possibilities for those who need to pay the bills, but don’t want it to actually feel like work.

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1. Roller Coaster Designer

roller coster

If your parents pushed you toward an engineering degree but the thought of sitting behind a desk all day long makes your skin crawl, take heart! Here is a job that will give you some incentive. It requires a good head for maths so that your creation is safe. You’ll also need to get inside the head of other adrenaline seekers, trying to figure out if a hill is too high or just right in order to challenge them to ride and take the plunge. That, along with all the twists and turns could make your creation the hottest new thrill ride of the summer. 

But the best part of this job, if you yourself are an adrenaline junkie, is that you get the first test ride of your creation after it’s built. So you’ll want to double check your calculations on all those hills, twists, turns, and whatever else you put in there. But don’t let that intimidate you too much, because there is actually roller coaster software out there to help you out. And it’s pretty much the same type of engineer design software that other types of engineers use. An interesting book that gives some fascinating insights into roller coaster design is called Coasters 101: An Engineer’s Guide to Roller Coaster Design

2. Adventure Guide

If being outdoors is your passion, becoming an Adventure Guide will allow you to choose pretty much any outdoor activity at which you’re skilled and lead other adventure seekers around. Believe it or not, you can actually become a certified Adventure Guide, and there seem to be many options from backpacking to skiing to rock climbing to surfing and more. If you like working with teens, is worth checking out.

3. Smokejumpers

If you’re into fighting fires and saving lives and want excitement that rivals being a firefighter, consider becoming a Smokejumper. These people parachute into forest fires. This job requires not only physical fitness, but also mental fitness and an ability to think fast under pressure. They travel all over the nation, including Alaska, and work from June to October. Being a firefighter is a good foundation, but additional training is required. One place to get more info about the training is McCall Smokejumpers Base. For an interesting insider’s view on what it might be like to be a Smokejumper, check out the movie Smoke Jumpers. It’s based on a true story.

4. TV News Anchor / Correspondent

Here is another group of people that runs into disasters rather than running form them. TV Anchors often report the news from behind the studio desk, but correspondents, or field reporters get to go out with a crew and report on those forest fires or wild fires that the Smokejumpers are fighting. Of course, they can report on other exciting events, too, such as highway accidents, shootings, political scandals and whatever else is going to get the average Joe to watch their station and increase their ratings. Certainly this job requires being comfortable in front of a camera, and an ability to think on your feet. A degree in Communications, with some journalism classes are also necessary in order to nab a job in this field.

5. 911 Dispatcher

If you like the idea of being where the excitement is but not exactly there, being a 911 Dispatcher is definitely a possibility. This requires not only an ability to think quickly under pressure, but also an uncanny ability to calm a panicking person on the other end of the phone, possibly coaching them in what to do, while simultaneously dispatching the correct Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel into the situation. Special training is required for this, as well as an ability to prioritize the emergencies that are coming in.

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Considering and exploring jobs like these either makes you grateful for your unexciting 8-5 work life, or it has made you realize that it’s time to change your boring 8-5 career path. Well, one other option would be to find an action adventure movie about it and relax with a bowl of popcorn over the weekend. That’s probably about as close as it gets to having it both ways. 

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