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Top 5 Media Training Tips for Writers

As writers become accomplished it is common for them to be asked for an interview. Most writers have no idea how to prepare for the media. In this case, there are a few steps that a writer can take to prepare for media events and to help them progress in their career as a writer. The extra exposure will help bring more clients your way and can help perfect your voice as a writer.

Use Word Associations

To memorize presentations or speeches, it is ideal to use word associations or scenarios to help you remember what is next. Pick out keywords that will help to remind you what the next topic is. For something in regards to marketing, you’d discuss how you went about obtaining clients and advertising your services.

If your speech is in regards to your success as writer, use specific examples in your career to help the timeline along some. Working in chronological order of events is a great way to remember written presentations.

Record your Written Words

It is a good idea to record your written words. Listen to the recording to see how the speech flows. Play the recording for a colleague to critique and ask for advice to perfect the speech and written content that may be published as a transcript.

When listening to the recording pay attention to your tone. Can you tell if you are excited about the content and if you are smiling toward your audience? Do your words make sense? These questions are important to answer with a yes because if you do not believe yourself when you speak, the audience isn’t going to either.

Practice Smiling

Practice smiling while you speak. It is important to look relaxed and to appear that you are enjoying yourself. It also shows conviction in what you are conveying through your words. This is important so that you can connect with the audience. The connection helps the content stay with them and makes them want to continue listening.

Practice Sound Bites

Consider dabbling in sound bites to further promote yourself as a media ready writer.  The sounds bites are designed to highlight the main points of your presentation. These key phrases should be used in advertising and other marketing practices. This is also good practice for expanding your business into sound bit marketing as a writer for bloggers and other successful writers.

Use Calls to Action

Calls to action direct readers and listeners directly to your personal website. It also directs them to published materials including books, eBooks and articles. This type of direct exposure helps to build client bases and network with more writers in your niche. It is helpful to include calls to action for self-promotion as it is free advertising. You are already displaying your talents in the media piece being completed; voice it with verbal calls to action in subtle manners.

Learning to be in the spotlight in the media or making a media presentation takes some work. It takes practice and being able to accept constructive criticism to make the provided content perfect. During the presentation it is ideal to make eye contact with as many of the audience members as possible. In combination with smiling, this engages the audience. Engaging them keeps their attention on you and what you have to say. When you look at the floor or have blank expressions on your face, the audience cannot connect with you. They lose sight of what you are saying and generally lose interest. The entire time spent working on this one presentation would all be for absolutely nothing. 

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