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JOB SEARCH / JUN. 06, 2014
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Top 5 Most EXTREME Jobs

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This article examines the top five most extreme, white knuckle, terrifying jobs… which for some people are just a normal day in the office!  Our classification of ‘extreme’ is based on sheer adrenaline and levels of danger involved when going to work; an arguable list given each one of these career choices could see you finishing work in hospital, if you make it there.

Check out the top 5 most extreme jobs below…


The average stuntman’s job description will vary depending on the exact role, however, one contract could require them to do:

  • Gymnastics, high speed diving, performing all types of falls
  • Fighting skills, with weapons
  • Extreme velocity swimming or diving
  • Dealing with animals/horse riding
  • Advanced driving techniques, crashing vehicles at high impact

For the fearless daredevils of our society, the job of a stunt man is far from a standard nine till five;  this is something for a specific kind of applicant! With unpredictable hours and variable salaries, given this role can see people working with dangerous animals or in the thick of a real explosion, the stuntman solidifies itself as a top contender.


Ever considered what it must be like to be launched into space as your job? Only approximately 450 Americans have ever boarded the ship with a stamped ticket stating, next stop galaxy; 22 people of these have not come back alive. Proving a massive 5% of the career sector this is one of the highest fatalities of any career path. High levels of radiation blended with low levels of gravity see the space travelers exposed to long-term side effects of a nature doctors and scientists still do not fully understand.

This may change in the future as we understand more through tried and tested space journeys, however the unidentified dangers mixed with death rate secures an astronaut as a solid nominee in our list of most extreme jobs. Read more on our related article How to Become an Astronaut.

Crocodile Physiologist

How much more extreme could a job be, when knowing a crocodile will probably come back for revenge later… when its dark, and you’re sleeping. Six different species of crocodile are labeled as dangerous to humans; these natural predators also grow over 2 meters in length. The Nile crocodile and saltwater crocodile are considered the most dangerous contributing to hundreds of international killings per year. In light of this, a crocodile physiologist goes to work knowing how extremely territorial the predators are, firstly they need to catch the crocs, then after completing their work, let them go.

And then camp for the evening. Right next to them. Proven in numerous accounts, crocodiles seeking revenge due to their highly territorial character these hunters have showcased vendettas returning at night to the scientists’ camps.


Mining is and always will be an exceptionally dangerous job. Below are events which can take place in any mine at any time.

  • Cave-ins
  • Gas Explosions
  • Chemical Leakage + Electrocution

In 2012, 35 fatalities were recorded in the US, but when compared with 2006 where the death rate reached 73, it is clear that the industry is trying to make it a safer place to work. Albeit a better result, surely these employees battle against fear and adrenalin on a daily basis in the knowledge of what’s happened before (Pike River explosion alone killed 29 miners). Miners make it to our extreme jobs list as they are frequently exposed to harsh working conditions knowing a cave could collapse at any given minute.

Venom Milker

Given that the venom is needed to help create anti-venom, the person in charge of getting the venom is placed in a dangerous position. In the US, the average snake milker is paid $2,500 per month; this certainly would make you appreciate every penny. Given snakebites kill at least 100,000 people per year, these positions are availble for good reason. The role itself involves handling highly toxic snakes and using your fingers to put a tray into snake’s mouth in order to obtain a venom sample.

Bear a few facts in mind when considering the daily duties- a Belcher’s snakebite can kill you in 0.6 seconds and one nibble from a black mamba is enough to kill a rugby team. Working with dangers such as these will induce heightened heart rates, which lands the role of venom milker as a competent challenger in our list of extreme jobs.

Are these all a walk in the park compared to what you do for a living? Send us your thoughts!

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