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Top 5 Most In-Demand Scholarships In Canada 2015

Scholarship note


It’s well known that Canada has an excellent educational system (in 2014, it was ranked 7 in the world behind South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Finland, and the UK). Students from around the world try to get scholarships to be able to study in Canada, and the Canadian government offers scholarships for both international and Canadian students.

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If you’re looking to study in Canada (either as a Canadian or an international student), here are the most in-demand scholarships in the country:

1. Humber International Entrance Scholarship

Humber College in Toronto offers both full and partial renewable scholarships, available to new undergraduate students from outside of Canada. There are only two full tuition scholarships available per year, as well as two $5,000 scholarships. The scholarships are available in September of every year, with a submission deadline of May of the same year. Students must apply to admissions before applying for the scholarship.

Find out more details about the scholarship and check out what programs are included in the scholarship here.

2. UWC International Youth Scholarship

United World Colleges is an international educational NGO that helps students from around the world to get the best quality of education, regardless of their race, politics, religion and, most importantly, their ability to pay for high-priced education.

For students looking for a pre-university education, the UWC scholarships are available with no set number of scholarships awarded per year. There are UWC affiliates in South America, Europe, Central America, Asia, Africa, the United States, and in Canada. Students that obtain this grant will be able to choose where they want to study the two-year pre-university courses.

3. UBC International Leader of Tomorrow Award

For international (non-Canadian) students that show superior academic achievement, involvement in community service and student affairs, excellent leadership skills, and achievements in the arts, creative writing, sports, debate or other academic examinations and competitions, the University of British Columbia in Vancouver offers a full scholarship. Applicants will need to apply for the scholarship in December of the year before they will be attending the UBC.

Find out more on the UBC website.

4. TD Scholarships for Community Leadership

This scholarship is available for Canadian students, with up to 20 scholarships awarded every year. The value of the scholarship is roughly $70,000, including $10,000 for yearly tuition payments, $7,500 for cost of living, and even the offer of a summer job at a TD Bank.

It is available to high school students in their final year who have demonstrated community leadership and have a high grade average. Over 4,000 students apply every year, but the acceptance rate is only roughly 0.5%. The focus of this scholarship is not as much on academic achievement, but more on community service and leadership skills.

Find out more on the TD Canada Trust website.

5. The Loran Award

The Loran Award is a scholarship of up to $80,000, available to Canadian students who show character, service, and leadership potential. To apply, you must either be nominated by your high school or reach out yourself. The application form is seven pages long, complete with an essay, and requires detailed information about your activities – both academic and extracurricular – and any distinctions or achievements that would qualify you for the scholarship.

There are only 30 scholarships awarded per year.

Find out more at The Loran Award website.

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These are the scholarships you want to apply for if you want to study in Canada. Whether you are an international or a local student, these scholarships can make your studies a whole lot easier and more affordable if you can beat out the rest of the competition to win them!

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