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Top 5 Online Social Networking Groups for Doctors

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Doctors and medical professionals can connect online using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, many doctors like the option of increased security of fraternizing in social networking groups specific to those in the medical profession. This article will discuss some online social networking groups that doctors and medical professionals can join to connect, network and socialize.

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1. Sermo

Sermo is currently the #1 online social network for doctors in the US. Members have the opportunity to fraternize with other medical professionals and discuss real-world medicine. Basically, the network acts as an online doctor’s lounge where medical minds can meet and discuss what’s important to physicians in today’s world. Members like the network because the interactions can be anonymous and they don’t have to worry about any discussions being shared with their hospital administrator. Additional benefits include participating in medical crowdsourcing where doctors can assist their colleagues by sharing and solving challenging medical cases. is aiming to build the “largest medical database of real live cases, questions and answers.” Weekly physician polls are offered where members can respond to current medical issues as well as healthcare trends. Doctors can also participate in the research program and receive honoraria for their perspective on issues and research completed. Over $16 million honoraria was given out by worldwide last year.

2. Doximity

Doximity is an online social network for doctors that was launched in March 2011. As of December 2014, there are over 400,000 members, which is over half of the nation’s practicing physicians.
Members have the opportunity to connect with fellow classmates, colleagues and co-residents. Additionally, networking opportunities abound with regard to connecting with colleagues and employers at various leading US hospitals. Another great benefit is that members can read their favorite medical journals and earn category 1 CME credits. Doctors can also effortlessly send and receive HIPAA-secure faxes from their mobile devices.

3. Ozmosis

Ozmosis is a social network for physicians, which was created by Ozmosis, Inc., a medical social business software company founded in 2008. Members can connect with other physicians through a social platform that is secure and trusted. Individuals can share health related information, as well as clinical and practice management advice. Doctors can connect with their peers and discuss information that is relevant to their specialty. Ozmosis, Inc. ensures that all members’ identities are verified and only US licensed physicians are permitted to join the network. Additionally, the online community is free from advertising and commercial solicitation.

4. OrthoMind

OrthoMind is a more specialized online network for orthopedic surgeons. It is a global practice network that was founded by orthopedic surgeons. Members can connect on the forum or online community. They have an opportunity to connect with other orthopedic surgeons through the networks feature. Additionally, various medical products are reviewed and those reviews are available to members. There is a surgeon’s online lounge as well as a Grand Rounds Forum where challenging cases are discussed. Every aspect of communication and information sharing is done in and ethical manner that is compliant with HIPAA. Members are able to access various tools and resources which will aid them in saving money and running their practices in a more efficient manner.

5. WemedUp

WeMedUp is an online community that offers world-class collaboration for medical professionals. The basis behind this online community is that physicians can get together online to connect with others of a like-mind and collaborate on the following: patient case studies and research. Additionally, members can participate in online polls, search for job openings and chat with fellow members in a private environment. Membership is available to the following medical professionals: physicians, dentists, allied health professionals, medical and dental students, students of other health professions, and administrators and staff at medical and dental institutions.

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If you are a doctor or professional in the medical profession and are members of any of these online social networks, we’d love to hear about your experiences. Also, if you are a member of any other online social networks for health professionals that are not mentioned in this article feel free to share your experiences as well.

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