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WEB & TECH / NOV. 05, 2014
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Top 5 Presentation Tools that Help Professors Advance their Careers

The education sector has undergone rapid changes during the past decade. The process of transition from classrooms to the internet and computers is taking place at an unimaginable pace, and learners are taking to it in a big way.

Professors are now able to prepare lessons through the use of innovative tools. This method of learning is now so prevalent that in order to enhance your career, a thorough understanding of some of these tools is a necessity.  

Here are the top 5 presentation tools, professors across the world use to make learning interesting and advance their careers:

#1 Animoto


Animoto lets professors make videos in a simple and easy way. It is easy to master and fun to use. The 3 steps involved are inserting videos and photos, customizing styles and watching and sharing the video. Animoto is a web application which means there is nothing to download or install in your computer. Beginners will find the free version adequate, but as the student’s skill level goes up, they can consider ordering the Pro version. Features include different video styles and adding pictures and titles. Videos produced using Animoto can be shared on mobile phones as well as on personal computers.


Image Credit : pocketables


#2 authorSTREAM


authorSTREAM is perfect for professors who want to share their presentation on the web. It allows professors to convert their PowerPoint presentations into video format without altering the animations, narrations and embedded videos. Professors can also collaborate with other users in real time and easily broadcast presentations. authorSTREAM is web based so you do not have to worry about downloading or installing.


Image Credit: powerpointinfo


#3 Diigo


Diigo will let students as well as professors collect learning materials and organize them in an easy-to-use fashion. It can be used for highlighting, bookmarking, writing short notes, and copying screenshots and pictures in a jiff. It is also useful for creating a personal learning network for sharing information in the learners’ circuit and in a group-oriented research environment. It is particularly useful for creating a learning database. This tool has won several awards for innovation.

Image Credit: digital-strategy


#4 ImageChef

ImageChef is ideal for professors who want to display images, photos and other visuals to create a lasting impression on their students. To create content professors can use photos, text and symbols in a very innovative way. There are different categories professors can discover. It includes fun notes, signs, holidays, patterns, characters, flags and so on. There is also a large collection of categories that professors should try first. It includes flower text, poetry blender, banners, symbols and awareness among others.

Image Credit: gopixpic


#5 PhotoPeach

PhotoPeach is yet another free online tool that allows users to make media-rich slideshows. As a professor, you can effortlessly make and manage student accounts for the whole class or school. There is a ‘class premium account’ that helps you manage students in large numbers easily. There are different adjustable controls for sharing, privacy and preferences.

Image Credit:grao


Many people in the education sector struggle to ‘make it big’ in their careers, primarily because there is little or no defined set of terms for career advancement. However, an educator can make his/her own development by continuously learning new things, using education-based technologies and improving their teaching/presentation skills. Leveraging yourself with modern teaching tools, resources and classroom technologies is definitely one of the best ways to find career advancements.


Image: iStock

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