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Top 5 Reasons Why It Is Important For Freelancers to Have Multiple Skills

As a freelancer it is important to have a specialty. It is equally important to be versatile. A freelancer that can only write on one or two topics may be great at what they do, but this limits the work available to them. It is ideal to learn different niches and different writing styles. There is ample work available for freelancers, yet many are missing out on opportunities due to their capabilities restrictions.

Broadens Work Search Options

If you only write on one topic, what do you do when that well runs dry? Sitting and waiting for work in a specific niche only leaves you twiddling your thumbs and spending the last of your savings. Turning down work because you don’t understand it is not an option sometimes.

There are guides and tutorials for every writing style. An abundance of references online for research purposes are also readily available. This means that there really is no reason for any type of work to be turned down.

Appeals to More Clients

Freelancers with more skills appeal to more clients. This also means that working on content mills is more lucrative since you aren’t limited to a specific niche. Clients often have versatile needs and will choose a freelancer with more skills over you frequently. Limiting yourself only hurts you in the long run.

Some clients work with multiple websites on varying topics. Many also wish to work with only one writer so that the tone matches the content throughout each website. If you cannot alter your style or refuse to research, you’ll be left on the sidelines.

More Work Opportunities

Freelancers that have multiple skills can work on a variety of projects at one time. For instance, a general writer can complete blog posts while working on technical articles or HTML formatted entries. General freelance writers can have a primary niche, in which you can charge higher rates for, while working several secondary niches.

This opens up more work platforms to you with various agencies and services.

When marketing yourself, list your primary niche but also include other services that you are capable of so that more potential clients inquire with you.

Filler Work for Slow Periods

In the freelance world, there are slow periods. These usually occur at the beginning and end of the year. You’ll need filler work during these periods of time. An option is offering academic writing services since the end of the calendar year is when most students have mid-term papers and other writing projects due. Academic work pays higher in most cases and can supplement or replace your other income entirely.

What you can do is practice a few different topics and writing styles. Contact writers in your network that have the experience in these different topics and formats to look over your work. Use their critiques to improve your skills.

Increased Income

When you’re available for more than just one style of writing or one specific niche, you make more money. Keep in mind that you may have to take a little more work with cheaper rates but the volume makes up for the lack of work in your primary niche.

It is vital, in today’s world, that freelancers are versatile. If you want to stay busy and make great money, you have to be open and willing to work outside of your comfort level. You may find that you are great at writing a variety of different topics. The inclusions on your portfolio and advertising materials will drive more clients and inquiries your way and can lead you to a very successful career.

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