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SOCIAL MEDIA / JUN. 22, 2014
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Top 5 Reasons Your Social Media Posts Aren’t Receiving Attention

Are your posts on social media lacking engagement? Do you wish you had more online followers?

These days, having a vibrant social media page is a sign of success. Generating buzz is important in sustaining an online business. Unfortunately, getting people to comment and like your posts is extremely difficult and time consuming.

If you're wondering what you're doing wrong, this article can help you out. Below highlights the top 5 signs and reasons why your social media campaign isn’t making a powerful impact online.

1. You don’t receive emails from fans telling you how you’ve changed their lives or how much they love your product.

When it comes to social media, feedback is essential. A common variable that successful social media campaigns have are fans and likes. It is rare to find a leading company with an empty Facebook or Twitter account. Even if your demographic doesn’t spend much time online, there should at least be a few out there that go out of their way to tell you how much they like your product.

2. You often find yourself copying what successful people have done instead of developing your own original ideas.

Originality is a major factor for bringing in fresh ideas. Social media is only a platform to grow and nurture your thoughts and objectives. Therefore, you need to start with something fresh and new. Copying someone’s social media campaign may get you followers but it may not be enough to complete the conversion process and generate online revenue.

Remember, an original idea doesn’t have to be an abstract concept that no one can relate to or grasp. It can be a variation of a successful product or campaign.

3. You focus too much on the metrics of your business (visitors, subscribers, sales and etc.)

Running analytics on a small sample is not productive. Before gathering data, you need to first establish a healthy fan base. Focusing too much on traffic is a big problem because it can cause you to move away from your core business objectives. In order to prevent this from happening, revive quality customer service. Focus on your fans by building relationships. Consider responding to their comments and try reaching out to potential followers in forums.

4. You’re using the wrong social media platform.

Not all social media platforms are created equal. More than 60% of Pinterest users are female, while StumbleUpon subscribers are generally males in their late 20s. Having an effective social media strategy means choosing the right platforms to be present in.

It is not recommended to be on every social media platform available today. Doing so can burn through your content quickly and may compromise the quality of your posts. Furthermore, producing large amounts of content at that rate requires numerous teams, which means you’ll need to have a lot of cash to support your campaign.

5. Your entire social media campaign is based on what you see as a market opportunity and not something you truly, passionately believe in.

Just like your business, social media campaigns are long, never ending marathons. The ones out there who are focused on shortcuts and quick turnarounds drop out quickly. Your social media campaign may follow trends that come and go; there’s nothing wrong with that. But in order to stand out and bring attention to your posts, you have to be fully committed to what you're talking about and saying online.

To conclude, social media should not be limited to posting something for sake of having content on your page. Consider listening to what your customers want and give them something they’ve never seen before. Which companies do you think have great social media campaigns? Share your thoughts with us.

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