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WORKPLACE / JAN. 14, 2015
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Top 5 Signs & Symptoms of a Workaholic

Working hard is usually a good thing, but it can lead to an inability to detach yourself from carrying out tasks. Today, the use of technology in the office environment has added a new dimension to concepts related to work addiction. Technology makes it easier to work from anywhere at any time. Although this is can be an advantage, you might find yourself unable to distinguish between personal time and office hours. The following are warning signs that you could be turning you into a workaholic.

#1 First to Come, Last to Leave

Enthusiasm for work is a positive thing. It shows willingness and diligence in the way you undertake your duties. However, if you’re the type to arrive before office hours commence and are more than willing to stay late and complete assignments when deadlines are not pressing, then you are definitely putting too much pressure on yourself.

#2 You are Always on Your Phone

Mobile communication devices, such as laptops, Smartphones and tablets have made working outside the office more convenient, but this may translate to working all the time. You find yourself constantly replying to every work-related email, text or memo you receive, especially outside standard working hours. When work keeps eating into your personal time, and you are distracted from meaningfully engaging with friends and family, you become a workaholic.

#3 Work Eats into Meal Times

During lunch hour or coffee break, instead of going out to get a meal with your colleagues, you’re hunched over your desk completing a task. Worse still, you let your food sit cold on your desk while you carry out an assignment. You, therefore, end up spending much more time working than is intended by your employer or organisation.

#4 You don’t have a Work-Life Balance

Probably one of the key signs that you’re a workaholic is when you fail to set aside time to engage in leisure activities or exercise. You find that you’re unable to put assignments aside in order to participate in extra-curricular activities or even go on a holiday. Furthermore, you always think of how you can save time to get more work done. As a result, your duties take away any free time you may have had at hand to otherwise revitalize yourself.

#5 You Stress Out When Kept from Work

Getting stressed about work is positive because it motivates you to get to the finish line. However, you know you’re a workaholic when you refuse to take leave days or go on mandatory holidays because you are convinced that you need to be at work. When you do take a holiday, you constantly worry that whatever work you have left in the office is in jeopardy. Such stress is negative and unnecessary.

It is possible that your job is so enjoyable you don’t mind putting in all the time and effort necessary to carry it out. However, working excessively may be a pointer to other psychological issues such as anxiety, depression or even helplessness. In such cases, you are at a higher risk of developing lifestyle diseases in the long-run such as heart problems and diabetes. Working hard may be beneficial to your career but it could be detrimental to your overall well-being.


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