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Top 5 Strangest Publicity Stunts People Have Pulled to Get a Job

Think outside the box. Now excuse me while I go and wash out my mouth for using such a tired boring cliché. OK I’m back. The job market has become harder than drinking water hanging upside down while whistling Beethoven’s 9 Symphony. If you can actually do that you probably already work for the Circus, but if you don’t, here are some Circus-worthy acts that actually got people a job.

The Self Googeler

The internet age has put almost all human knowledge at our disposal. This knowledge has elevated humanity to an unprecedented level of refinement and culture. Nope. It actually made us a bit more uncivilized than before. Without a doubt it has made us a lot more narcissistic.  Alec Brownstein bet his prospective job on this exact fact. He took out a Google ads with names of Ad Execs. When they Googled themselves his job request came up at the top of the page. It literally read: “Googling your self is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun too.”

Jobless Paddy

Féilim Mac An Iomaire technique was a lot less Circus act and much more heart-string puller. Pulling together the last 2,544 dollars of his savings he created an emotional billboard reading: “Save me from emigration”. The billboard displayed a man in a suit holding a weird stick/bat thing, standing at the shore with the U.K. Parliament, the Statue of Liberty and the Sydney Opera house on the horizon and Jobless Paddy at the bottom. His gamble paid off when he was hired by I hope the irony of this wasn’t lost on you dear reader.

The Viral Resume

No, this hopeful candidate did not infect his resume with the Flu virus and then nurse his potential employers back to health with his amazing chicken soup. What Graeme Anthony did was create an interactive video resume. Graeme is a social media and PR consultant that would send his video resume directly to his potential employers and had a job before he made it public. This story has quite the twist though. Once Graeme posted the video on YouTube, he received so many job offers that he decided to freelance instead of accepting a position. 

Hacking Facebook

Usually, in an interview you’ll be asked something to the effect of: “How do you fit in to our company?” or a little more blatant iteration of this: “What can you do for us.” Well answered purely through action Chris Putnam answered: “Hack the heck out of your website.” He created a worm that jump from profile to profile and then made thousands of profiles look like MySpace pages. Facebook called Putnam had him arrested, drawn and quartered. Oh wait…they actually politely asked him how he did it and then offered him a job.

Rules are made to be broken

If you don’t like the established system, change it. Andrew Horner’s cavalier (and I’m going to add presumptuously self-confident) approach was instead of vying for employment, have employers vie for him. His paradigm break self-absorbance paid off with 44 offers. Hey they say be confident when asking for something and I guess they’re right (who are ‘they’ anyway? These guys seem to know everything).

Dishonorable Mentions

First impressions are key when trying to distinguish yourself, but you still have to exercise some basic social skills while doing so. These job-hunters should have gone back to school for a bit more social education.

Everyone loves gifts but buying items from your interviewer’s wish list can be contrived as a bribe. This genius of course didn’t get the job, I’m not sure if they demanded the gifts back.

Some people believe in a predetermined fate others, in destiny and some believe in free-will. In any professional environment though, it’s better to leave your beliefs and politics home. Tarot reading during an interview is a horrible idea to get you hired. I wonder if it was shown in the cards that they weren’t supposed to do that at an interview.

This is another case of gifting the interviewer. A fruit basket. At their home address. That the candidate wasn’t supposed to know. Unless the job was for a private investigator, I don’t think that in any other context this would be appropriate. Maybe try tapping on their second story window at 3 a.m. with your resume in hand next time (I shouldn’t even have to clarify this but obviously there are people out there that would think this is a good idea. It’s not).

This entry and the one right above it might have to duke it out for creeeeepiest candidate ever. This person thought it would be hilarious to show up dressed as a clown. Clowns are universally creepy, I don’t care if they are supposed to be funny, something isn’t right with an adult plastering themselves with makeup and making phallic looking balloon “swords” for children. Any other costume actually would have been pretty funny. Can you imagine having an 11.00 a.m. appointment and having a person in a bear costume and a business suit come in and having a serious interview? Now think of that same scenario but with a serious clown. [Shudders]  

Have you used innovative or creative ways to get noticed by potential employers? Well share the crazy with us right here in the comments section below. 

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