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Top 5 Struggles at Work Only People With Glasses Will Understand

As a life-long member of the glass-wearing club, I feel somewhat of an authority on discussing the struggles of fellow eyeglass wearers around the world. If you do not wear glasses then you cannot understand the annoying frustrations that glass wearers suffer with; especially in the workplace. This article will list the top 5 struggles at work only people with glasses will understand.

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1. Sliding Glasses

Zuma Eyeglasses slipping

You might have glasses that are too loose and they continually slip down the bridge of your nose. Even if your glasses are a good fit, you may still experience the glass slide if it’s hot and you begin to sweat. For non-glass wearers, imagine the annoyance of having to constantly readjust your glasses every few minutes while you’re trying to work and get things done.

2. Outside Conditions

Another annoying struggle that glass wearers have to deal with is outside conditions. For example, imagine going out for your lunch break and getting stuck in a rain downpour right before you get back into the office. Water is dripping down your glasses. You need to either stop in your tracks once you get inside to wipe them dry or keep walking without being able to see clearly.

Even if you had an umbrella outside, you still can get rain spotting your glasses. Steam is another annoyance that glass wearers have to struggle with. For example, imagine drinking a nice hot cup of coffee or tea while sitting down at your desk and then steam fogs up your glasses. Additionally, if you leave your air-conditioned building and go outside on a hot, humid day, you have to deal with your glasses fogging up.

3. Sunglasses Effect

Glass wearers have to deal with the sunglasses effect. For example, you may own a pair of prescription sunglasses which are great for outdoors for protection from the sun and glare. However, imagine forgetting your indoor glasses and having to walk around work all day with sunglasses on and people thinking you are behaving rudely.

Another frustrating instance is for glass wearers who have transition lenses that turn shaded outside in the sunshine. Sometimes, the lenses do not transition quickly back to clear when you come back inside. So, you could be walking around indoors again with people thinking you’re rude.

4. Repair Issues

Michael Douglas Eyeglasses

If you don’t wear glasses, then you do not understand the struggle of having to deal with sudden repair issues. Imagine being in the middle of a team meeting when a screw becomes loose in your glasses or your lens actually falls out. Not exactly a stellar moment that you want to happen again. If your glasses broke and you aren’t able to get to the eye doctor right away to repair them or get new ones…time to pull out the masking tape. Again, not the most desirable thing to have to wear broken glasses.

5. Peoples' Reactions

nerd with glasses

Another struggle glass wearers have to deal with is other peoples’ reactions. For example, some people tend to stereotype others who wear glasses. Maybe they think you’re nerdy and not cool. Sometimes you have to deal with coworkers who don’t understand that you actually want to wear glasses, and they keep asking why you don’t just get contacts. Also, if you are a combination glass and contact wearer, on the days you wear your contacts, you have to deal with people’s comments on the change.

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If you’re a fellow glass wearer, what do you think are some of the struggles you have to deal with at work?

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