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JOB SEARCH / MAR. 14, 2015
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Top 5 Tech Skills in Demand Right Now


The first quarterly Tech Cities Job Watch Job Report by IT recruitment specialist Experis (the largest IT recruitment specialist in Europe) has revealed the top tech skills that are in demand in the UK. The company analysed over 50,000 IT job advertisements in the last quarter of 2014 to compile its report, which identifies the skills shortages across the high demand areas of big data, cloud, IT security, mobile and web development.

The need for IT skills continues to increase, no longer driven purely by digital agencies and IT consultancies. Today, an increasing number of “end user” organisations are hiring these IT skills in-house, creating increased demand and greater competition. Below are the top three skills in demand for each of the aforementioned five tech disciplines for the period covered by the report.

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1. Mobile

Mobile development has grown at an astonishing pace, as increasing numbers of businesses look to make more of their services available on mobile platforms. This has resulted in a solid increase in demand for the most talented, qualified candidates. The top three in-demand mobile technology skills identified by Experis over the course of their report are Android development, iOS development and Ruby on Rails.

2. Web development

There is a “pressing” need for employers to have skilled back-end software developers, according to the report. In terms of skills, the typical requirement is for Java and .Net developers, and demand is greater than existing supply. The top three web development skills identified by the report were .Net, Java and SQL.

The need for skilled front-end web developers continues to be pressing. The most in-demand skills identified in the report were user interface (UI), user experience (UX) and visual design.

3. IT security

Cyber threats and cyber-attacks demonstrate the urgent need for robust IT security, and employers are confronted with skills shortages in this area, as the report highlights. The top three IT security skills identified as being in high demand were CLAS, cyber security and information security.

4. Big data

This area of technology is a growing one, but skilled candidates remain “rare”, according to the report. Unsurprisingly, big data professionals were offered the highest salaries when compared with professionals from the other technology disciplines. The key skills for companies looking for big data professionals during the period covered by the report were Hadoop, semantic web and Hive.

5. Cloud

Increasing numbers of companies are looking to host and access more services through the cloud to give them a competitive advantage. The top three cloud roles in demand were identified as cloud developers, cloud architects and sales consultants.

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As technology continues to filter into all aspects of business, organizations are competing for the top tech talent in order to strengthen their competitiveness in the marketplace. The Experis Tech Cities Job Watch provides both employers and employees with a barometer of the trends that are shaping the technology sector, including salary, and supply and demand, and identifies where the best opportunities lie. If you are hoping to work in technology, the information contained in this post may help you add focus to your job search, or direct you towards further training.

There has never been a better time to work in tech in the UK. A combination of sustained demand for tech skills and great rewards make technology the place to be.


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