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Top 5 Tech Skills You Will Need to Succeed in 2015

Tech skills

Over the years, several things have changed the dynamics of the world we live in, and since the world is changing irreversibly, it has become necessary for every one of us to adjust with the new situation, and acquire the skills needed to thrive. Staying up-to-date with evolving technologies and trends, and continually enhancing your existing skills and adding new skills will keep you ahead of competition.

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According to Pluralsight, these are some of the top tech skills you need to have this year:

#1 Coding

With the current technology adoption, coding skills have become as vital as literacy and numeracy. Coding is the literacy of today and it helps master important skills such as problem solving, analytical thinking, and team work. The vast majority (90%) of professional occupations nowadays require digital competences, including programming. Luckily, no matter how old you are, or what your comfort level with technology is – there are plenty of resources to develop into coding skills, with most of them available without any charge. Code School and Hour of Code should be perfect tools to start with. Both provide coding tutorial videos, coding challenges and screencasts.

#2 Big data

Due to the rise of the Internet of Things, big data will continue to be the focus of processes in industrial and operational settings. As the volumes of data become bigger, it’s vital to know how to collect and analyse this data, particularly when it comes to customer preferences and business processes. The number of jobs related to big data proliferates day by day as more companies capitalise on data collection and analysis to increase their competitiveness and efficiency levels. Those with big data skills can expect very attractive salaries and rewarding careers. Here are some courses to help you brush up on big data concepts, technologies and vendors.

#3 Cloud computing

Companies are increasingly investing in cloud computing to eliminate headaches associated with information technology management. They run different apps in the cloud like customer relationship management (CRM), HR, accounting, and so on. Clouds could be hosted and managed internally (within the organisation) or from a third-party provider. Either way, cloud computing requires a range of new skills such as technical skills (Java, .NET frameworks, knowledge of virtualization, etc.), project management skills, and business and financial skills (e.g.: the ability to build a return on investment cases and monitor metrics).

#4 Mobile

According to Six Dimensions, not having a mobile strategy equals to not having a future strategy. The ‘mobile wave’ is massive and this is true considering that companies, retail and banking move key processes such as shopping and check deposits to smartphones and tablets. Mobile technologies are integrating with cloud computing, which in turn means that more centrally coordinated apps will be usable on multiple devices. Check out these courses for beginners and some options for mobile apps courses that are available online.

#5 Data visualisation

With data increasingly proliferating and becoming more complex, companies are urged to find creative ways to get their message across and break through the clutter of information. Data visualisation experts are needed to present data as clearly and intelligently as possible. The good news is that it’s not required to be a web designer or developer to create compelling infographics. Use, and Infogram, as they are among the most popular tools for creating infographics.

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So, whatever job you wish to hit this year, make sure you have any or a combination of these tech skills that are hot this year.

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