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Top 5 Twitter Mistakes Your Business is Making

There’s only one outlet where companies can get instant feedback, and publicity can spread like wildfire. Millions of people are signed up for twitter, making it one of the most widely used social media sites. It’s the most interactive tool to gain and give feedback to customers. It’s an opportunity to continuously grow your business and interact with consumers. So be sure you’re not one of the companies making these following mistakes.

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1. You're ignoring what's trending

You want your outreach to be as big as it can. In order to reach the largest number of twitter users, finding trending items and coming up with a clever tweet is one of the best ways to do so. But if it’s controversial - be careful. Don’t isolate your audience. This is the number one way to create a “viral” tweet, but it also takes the most thought. Consider the trend, think smart, and create a message that will get you the retweets you need to extend your reach.

2. You're not using hidden tricks

One of the best ways to increase views on your tweets is to tweet at a relevant brand you might be featuring on your site, or at a celebrity that could help your cause. Then all you have to do is add a period at the beginning of the tweet, and put the twitter handle directly following (ie: .@handle). This will cause all of their followers to see your tweet. Watch your tweet analytics and see the effect!

3. You're not following the 70/30 rule

Approximately a third of your tweets can be direct advertisements. The rest of them should consist of personalized tweets and interacting with followers or potential followers. If your account is all business, your followers will get bored. People want to know the person behind the company and want to see that you’re still relatable. Balance is key.


4. You aren't following anyone

If there’s one thing you need to do on twitter, you need to find people to follow. When someone gets a notification that you began to follow them - what’s the first thing they do? Go view your feed. It’s one of the easiest ways to reach out to others and increase your following. This can also allow your account to show up as “suggested” for more users. And don’t be afraid to thank new followers!

5. You're not promoting your twitter page on other outlets

Have a company website? Add a social media widget. Have a Facebook Page or Google+ Account? Let your followers there know about your twitter. Have a company email address? Add the linked twitter logo to your signature. Share your handle on any outlet you can, and people will be interested.

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There you have it - the 5 mistakes you need to avoid to make sure you’re making the most of twitter for your business. Don’t be afraid to really interact and get to know your following because these are the people contributing to your success. Remember these simple tips and watch your reach grow!

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