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Top 5 Ways to Encourage Employees to Sleep Better

As a business owner, your top-most priority is sales for your company. After all, one of the major reasons for starting your business in the first place is cash right? What better way to achieve your financial goals than to have a hardworking, dedicated and passionate team that works effectively towards making this dream a reality?

The challenge lies on making the existing team productive and efficient in their responsibilities. One of the ways that have been proven and tested to work is sleep. Enough sleep for your employees is very vital. It is one thing to verbally speak to them about importance of a good night’s rest but it’s a totally different thing to perform actions that motivate them towards developing good sleeping habits. The latter works better and that’s why this read explores the different ways to encourage employees to sleep better. Check them out below:

Spice up Meetings

When I say spice up meetings I don’t mean much. Am sure it’s not what you are thinking! I simply mean instead of the traditional and usually boring meetings in the board room take the meetings outside. Turns out, the human body can really use the sun because it helps it readjust its circadian sleep cycle.

In addition, you know by now that exercise helps a great deal with sleep. Hence you might want to introduce outdoor meetings as they encourage moving around and standing from time to time which in turn offer your employees automatic better sleeping patterns.

Allow Flexibility at Work

Most companies I know of have standard work schedules for their employees. This means that whether the workers experience a burn out or lack enough morale, they have no option but to press on with their work piles. This is where unproductivity begins.

Employers could embrace the idea of flexible working schedules for their employees. They could offer paid vacations for their employees and give them a chance to energize and rejuvenate themselves for when they come back to work. Beware of people that lie their way to these privileges and be sure to enforce rules that govern the same.

Reduce Work Limits

Employees may argue that they don’t get enough sleep because of extremely long working hours. Realize as an employer that productivity is better than long working hours. Therefore let them go home early enough to attend to their duties and proceed to bed in time to catch sleep for not less than 6 hours. You won’t believe the results you will get afterwards.

Be Open to Naps on the Job

I know how ridiculous this sounds but it sure works. It’s actually gaining popularity amongst large organizations of late because companies have realized the benefits of good sleep for their staff. Employers should not be too uptight and traditional about rules that govern their employees. For instance, a small nap over lunch or in the afternoon does not kill your mission for the company but actually does the trick in a way you never imagined before.

Go Slow on the Amount of Work

Poor sleeping patterns can sometimes be caused by work stress. When employees are overwhelmed, they tend to get stressed thinking about the work for the next day and what might happen if they don’t finish it in time which results in few or no hours of sleep at all. Therefore, an employer is better off giving his employees fewer projects than too much projects that will overwhelm them.

In conclusion, I realize the risky nature of some of the tips mentioned above for employers. However, following the tips mentioned above and allowing a bit of flexibility in the workplace will produce results.


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