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Top 5 YouTube Recruitment Videos


If you’re trying to grab the attention of the best talent in a competitive job market, what better way to do this than to use a website with 1 billion users: YouTube? Each month, the number of hours spent watching videos on YouTube increases by 50 percent, year on year. Not convinced? The following companies have used YouTube very successfully in their recruitment campaigns, employing a variety of techniques to get their message heard. Use them as reference videos; they each offer excellent pointers that will help you with your own recruitment videos should you decide to go down that path.

1. s1jobs

Scotland-based recruitment website used humour to attract the attention of its target market via the impressive twerking skills of the protagonist. The ad, called Davey Knows, features actor Paul Corrigan who plays the role of ‘twerking’ pub oracle Davey. Davey Knows has already been seen by over a million viewers on YouTube. The campaign was hailed as the reason why the company experienced its busiest month in its history, with over one and a half million hits to its website.

Here’s another example of how humour can be used to communicate a company’s message, as shown in this parody recruitment video by Twitter, which mocks the typical company recruiting video whilst at the same time showing the company to be a pretty cool, fun place to work.

2. Apple

Apple gives prospective candidates a peek at the people generating ideas for the company. The video works because it shows people actually working on well-known Apple products, talking about projects they have worked on, and the value of these projects. This helps prospective candidates relate to the company, not as a faceless corporation but as a company made up of ambitious professionals dedicated to adding value to the company and the people it serves.

3. Shopify

Light-hearted but informative, Shopify’s recruitment video shows prospective candidates what makes Shopify a great company to work for. Cultural fit and technical fit are the key criteria sought by hiring managers/employers and, in this video, Spotify gives prospective hires insights into the company culture, and features some of its employees who give their views of why they enjoy working for the company.

4. Facebook


Facebook’s recruitment video successfully brands the company as a fun, dynamic place to work. The video focuses on the company’s mission and vision, articulated through a range of its employees, and its ‘make it happen’ creative culture. Importantly, the video also features Mark Zuckerberg describing what it takes to work at the company: “We really don’t believe you have to have a lot of experience to make a big difference – look at me. Be bold.” What stands out is the passion Facebook employees have for what they do and for their evidently strong alignment with the mission and purpose of the company.

5. Google


Google’s video is longer than the other recruitment videos described in this post, but it has some great pointers for recruiters thinking about video recruitment. Employees talk about why they chose to work for the company, the exciting projects they’re working on and, perhaps not surprisingly, provide insights into the kinds of benefits offered by the company.

Video is a great way to put a personal touch on a job description. Putting a face on a company engages prospective candidates whilst at the same time highlighting the attributes of the ideal candidate.

Do you have any examples of great recruitment videos? If so, please share them in the comments section below.

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