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LEADERSHIP / JUN. 01, 2015
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Top 6 Ways to Become the Alpha of the Office

Office Alpha

Being the alpha male or female of the office comes with a number of benefits. You gain the respect of your colleagues and, during times of crisis, everyone is looking your way for direction.

Now, it is no easy feat being the alpha of the office, especially where everyone is overly ambitious and striving to standout. And this is where I must advise you to carry on reading, for you will learn how you can transform yourself into the ultimate alpha.

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1. It Is a State of Mind

Alpha is a powerful position of social hierarchy that gains you admirers as fast as it gains you haters. To be an alpha, the belief that you can conquer all must be engrained in your brain. Are you the kind of person who faces battles with a brutal determination to win? If you are, then you have what it takes to be an alpha male or female.

2. Dress Up

You don’t need a psychologist or image consultant to confirm that your dressing influences how people view you. As an alpha wannabe, you must not only dress to impress, but also to kill. This strategy often works strongly in favor of women working in male-dominated workplaces. With stylish outfits that carve out your assets (especially a prominent posterior) and killer heels, you will catch everyone’s attention that very moment you step into the office, and impose your presence thereafter.

For men, you have to stay fit. Being physically muscular enhances your chances of joining the alpha club.

3. Body Language Does the Talking

Which is the fourth law of power… anyone? You got it. Always say less than necessary.

A typical office is home to people with diverse behaviors, including gossiping and politicking. You definitely don’t want to get caught up in valueless conversations or discussions where you can give up information that can be used against you. Speak less, and let your body send signals to those around you. Walk briskly and look people right into their eyes.

4. Free Office Lunch? For Losers

To be an alpha, you must strive to stand out from your colleagues. This includes striking off free office lunches from your day. Like it or not, having money (or showing signs of having it) demonstrates your ability to dominate, protect and provide, especially for men. Just think of the movie 50 Shades of Grey and tell me whether that lady would have fallen for a have-not.

In the office, you don’t have to show your bank balance to anyone. Paying for your lunches is sufficient evidence that you don’t rely on free things to keep going.

5. Can You Flirt?

Alpha is a social position, so you must be able make friends. You particularly ought to be able to create a romantic connection with your colleagues. If you want to be an accomplished alpha male, for instance, you should be able to turn on the ladies and get them thinking about you. You must, however, know when to stop flirting. Don’t go past the mark you aimed for; otherwise you might be caught up in office sex scandals that can harm your reputation.

6. Never Stop Learning

Alphas males or females are alphas because they can do more things than their colleagues. Ever experienced that supreme feeling when equipment was brought into the office, and only you knew how to operate it? You clearly stood out. The lesson is: learn a new skill and be ahead of the rest. Do some martial arts, or learn some Slovak. Tam vy idete! (there you go).

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Finally, and obviously, you must be a natural leader. Just like alpha wolves in the animal society develop packs and conquer prey, you must be able to gather your office colleagues around you, and lead them into steering the company to greater heights.

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