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Top 7 WordPress Portfolio Plugins

Having a portfolio on your website gives you the opportunity to show your work to your visitors. As a result, some of them could end up becoming your customers. WordPress offers a wide range of free and premium plugins that can help you create and manage your portfolios.

1. Easy Media Gallery

With more than 360,000 downloads, this is one of the most popular WordPress portfolio plugins. Easy Media Gallery comes with a wide range of customization options for adjusting positions, colors, hover effects, media sizes, and grids. It supports different media and allows you to display image sliders, photo albums, grid galleries, Google Maps, image galleries and Vimeo, YouTube and MP4 videos.

2. Portfolio

This free and easy-to-use plugin allows you to create a portfolio page on your site. With each entry, you can add details such as descriptions, screenshots, dates of completion, technologies used, and URLs. You can even add a profile page and customize the appearance of your portfolio.

3. Nimble Portfolio

This awesome plugin can help you spice up your WordPress site with a media gallery displaying your videos, photos, client logos, and most recent projects. It comes with inbuilt jQuery filterable tabs that can help you group your portfolio items. Nimble Portfolio also has an inbuilt PrettyPhoto feature for PDF, video and photo previews. Its responsive design ensures that your portfolio looks perfect from any device. The premium version comes with add-ons such as isotope filtering, Swipebox gallery library, PrettyPhoto extension, and a premium skin.

4. Awesome Filterable Portfolio

This simple and customizable plugin is suitable for photographers, artists and designers who want to display samples of their work. It boasts great features such as image hover effects and smooth animations. Awesome Filterable Portfolio also offers the ability to configure animation properties and order portfolio items and categories. It is available in 8 languages.

5. OTW Portfolio Light

This is a simple and easy-to-use plugin that can help you create a responsive portfolio on your WordPress site. It not only enables you to create portfolio items, but to also categorize them. OTW Portfolio Light comes with a variety of three-column templates, as well as pagination and filter options.

6. Projects by WooThemes

This plugin allows you to easily add your latest projects to your portfolio. You can display them using a shortcode, template tag, widget, or the inbuilt template system. In addition, you can add photos on project pages, along with information such as galleries, cover images, client details, project URLs, and categories. This plugin can be integrated with WooThemes’ testimonials plugin that enables you to display testimonials in your pages.

7. Aeolus – Creative Portfolio

This plugin allows you to add videos and images to your portfolio using custom post types. Aeolus also boasts other features such as a modern look and feel, a detailed admin panel, a responsive design and a drag-and-drop interface. This is a great plugin for anyone who wants to showcase portfolio images without project pages.

Have you used any of the plugins above to create a portfolio? Did you find them easy to use? Your thoughts and comments below please...


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