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Top Business Schools in the United States

“Why should I go to grad school?”

“I just finished my college career, I’m ready to begin my professional path in life, so why should I go to grad school if I’m not studying to become a doctor or a lawyer?”

This is a paraphrasing of the general consensus of college grads these days. But when further investigating the benefits of college after college, it’s clearly a viable choice for anyone looking to really expand the career prospects available to them.

In the US, graduate programs are aplenty and finding a trusted MBA ranking system (even asking   your friends, family and colleagues) is the best way to determine the right programs to apply for. What should you be valuing in your graduate school audits?

According to Graduate Programs, it’s pretty simple: in addition to the obvious factors such as cost and field of study, one should also research the school’s financial aid initiatives, social life and networking opportunities as well as postgraduate career support.

There are several fantastic graduate school programs in other countries such as Ireland, from the Digital Marketing Institute all the way to the Hibernia College in Dublin. Where will you pursue your Master’s degree?

For a kickstart to help you choose the right graduate school in the U.S check out this infographic below!

Have you started or taken an MBA programme recently? Which institution did you pick? What was your experience? Your thoughts and comments below please...

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