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Top Crowdfunding Websites: 4-6

A topic covered with increasing regularity on career-oriented blogs and resources world-over, the concept of crowd funding is beginning to take centre stage as a completely legitimate and workable method of raising capital. In a previous post we took a glance at three of the currently most prominent crowd funding platforms available online, in this one- we’re going to check out three more. Stick with what you know, right?


Conceived initially as a crowd funder with a particular focus on the plight of the up and coming film makers of the world, indiegogo.com has since broadened its horizons to take on pretty much any project.  Holding a special place for cause-related campaigns in particular, the US-based site is popular with many on account of its lax project-reviewing policy.

Undercutting most of its competition in order to gain its sizable market share, indiegogo.com has a set rate of 4% on successful projects (the typical rate is 5%) though do be warned; if you fail to meet your target you’ll be charged 9%. With a tagline which reads ‘our platform is available to anyone, anywhere, to raise money for anything’- indiegogo.com may just be the best place to start raising that precious start-up fuelling cash.


Possessing a sterling reputation as one of the crowd funding industries most proven and reliable websites, Peerbackers.com pays abundant attention to aspiring ‘entrepreneurs and innovators’- just like you. Hosting thousands of creative entrepreneurial projects from all over the world since its conception- the site is also well known as a result of its partnerships with several student organisations.

As well as providing a trustworthy platform upon which to launch your start-up dreams, Peerbackers also offers a service entitled ‘Crowdfunding Academy’- the aim of which is to provide education and support to those who are new to the game. In short, they offer the full package.


Having already raised over $90million for a plethora of causes and projects alike, Razoo.com is a fast rising giant within crowd funding. Though the set-up of the site, and of the wider organisation itself, leans more towards raising funds for causes as opposed to for-profit projects, there is a section for both.

Dividing fundraisers into four categories (non-profits, individuals, corporations and foundations), each provide their own respective benefits and downsides. Many users credit Razoo’s seamless widget integration as its saving grace. With users able to create and embed donation forms on a multitude of sites outside of Razoo itself- spreading the word on your project is easy when you opt for Razoo.com.

And so that’s it. As was promised- a few more options to ponder in what is a vast ocean of potential capital routes. Good luck and god speed.

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