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CVS / APR. 18, 2013
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Top Executive Resume Errors to Avoid

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When writing your executive resume it is of fundamental importance that you write it in an engaging, appealing and professional way. Furthermore, your resume must be tailored to the specific job that you are applying for.

Making an error on your resume can easily result in failure at being invited for a job interview. It is therefore essential that you create a correctly structured resume that avoids any of the below errors:

Incorrect formatting

When formatting your CV it is better to highlight your skill sets and areas of expertise rather than simply listing your experiences in chronological format.

Missing title

Many people disregard a title when crafting their resumes, however a title is important as it enables recruiters to understand the type of position the individual is looking for. Write a title that is engaging, compelling and descriptive to better engage with your reader.

Incorrect length

The length of a resume is a cause for contention amongst many professionals. Some people agree that the longer the resume the better, whilst others believe that a single page is more than enough to demonstrate all of your strengths.

The length of a resume must reflect the number of years that you have worked professionally. For example, if these are your first few years in the industry then it is essential that you stick to a single page, however if you have between 5 and 10 years experience, your resume can go beyond a page (maximum of 2). Avoid filling pages for the sake of it as the reader will get bored, tired and disinterested.

Too much information

In line with the above point, an overload of information on your resume will only make your application appear dull and disinteresting. This is likely to give the impression that you talk too much, which simply means that you will not be invite in for an interview.


Avoid presenting an overly complex resume with elaborate fonts. Whatever font you select, ensure that it is consistent throughout and that the font size is also consistent. 

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