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Top Notch Lessons Professionals can Learn from “The Wolf of Wall Street”

The Wolf of Wall Street”, is a movie that focuses on the triumphs and trials of former stock broker and motivational American speaker - Jordan Belfort. The film starring Leonardo Di Caprio was directed by Martin Scorcese. This movie succeeded in picking many Oscar nominations that include - Best Supporting Actor, Best Actor, Best Picture and Best Screenplay.

Apart from its cinematic experience, the movie is a wonderful reference point for job seekers, recruiters and other professionals, thanks to Belfort’s memoirs. If you have not watched this movie yet or haven’t thought of it from a professional’s point of view, here’s what you can learn from the blockbuster.

1) Actions speak louder than words    

Everyone talks about career goals, long-time plan, etc. But unless your goals and dreams are brought into action, you achieve nothing. Belfort quotes, “If you want to be rich, you have to program your mind to be rich”. The idea holds good for any professional activity.

Success is a combination of your skills, attitude and your mentality. Make sure that everything you do takes you closer to your career goals. The thin line of difference between success and failure is all about what you do and not what you say. So set realistic goals and start chasing it by working on your skills and experience.

2) Communication and The Art of Selling

The outstanding pitch delivered by Belfort in order to win his first pink sheet, is an excellent example of how to combine your vocal pitch, tone and your body language to convey messages in the right way. You can use these skills no matter whether you are making a direct conversation or a telephonic interview. This is complemented with the ‘system of sales’ created by Belfort for his repetitive success.

The art of selling yourself is not an easy game. This is why the movie is so important for professionals. You can learn many positive lessons like refining your selling techniques.

3) Wear a wolf’s head all the time  

The movie depicts how life isn’t fair and even; the sooner you learn this, the better it is for you. More often than not, the best opportunities don’t go to the most deserving candidates. You have to be smart, greedy and cunning and have your eyes opened all the time.

The word, ’wearing a wolf’s head’ may sound like a bad thing. But it really isn’t. It just means look for opportunities and grab them before somebody else can. Why would you spend too much time eating corporate scraps, especially when you can feast? Grab what’s yours and run away just like a wolf would do.   

4) Work-life may not support friendship but staying together is definitely a ‘yes’

Donnie and Jordon make use of an old boiler room to recruit their friends. Though real life interviews and jobs may not witness what the Stratton Oakmont party boys did, the scene is definitely worth learning.

A family that works together stays together. By being united, you can translate your office into a powerful working environment. Healthy competition coupled with closeness can help you achieve big goals as a team.

But remember, you must not go out of your way to support your colleagues or friends at work. Personal relationships may not work all the time. Never put your colleague in a situation where he has to choose between you and himself. And that obviously means you also must not fall in a trap yourself.

5)      Publicity Lessons

Business improves for Jordon, Oakmont and Dannie. Jordon is showered with a lot of media attention. The scenario takes a turn when a critical piece from Forbes Magazine calls Jordon “Wolf of Wall Street”. Jordon’s wife claims that the publicity would still do him good.

But in a real world professional environment, bad publicity can affect business. It is important to market and maintain your personal brand but that should be in an authentic way. One of the best ways to do this is by delivering good service and giving more value to your customers.

6)      The importance of time

Belfort was shown doing penny stock business as the movie began. His market grew. Just when he was looking for more from his business, Steve Madden (women’s shoe designer) became a hot commodity. The opportunity to sell Madden’s stock came just when Belfort was looking to take his firm to the next level.

So timing important decisions, client meetings and other things can help you succeed in your move better. Doing things right just at the right time, right season, right mood, right occasion or right opportunity can do the trick for you.   

These lessons learned from a motion picture should actually help anyone looking to learn to fuel their drive for a better profession. There are lots of other things career related themes and featured in the movie; if you haven’t watched it yet, do it tonight.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on what you have learnt from the movie in the comment section below. 


Image Sourced: Wolf Of Wall Street Jordan Belfort

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