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Top Offline Job Posting Strategies

A successful job posting strategy will undoubtedly incorporate both online and offline techniques to achieve recruitment success. In terms of offline strategies, there are numerous job positing techniques that can be adopted, as outlined below:


Newspapers are traditional but not outdated resources that are adopted by numerous companies across the globe. These companies use newspapers as a way to promote their company and advertise specific job postings.


There are thousands of magazines published every day, including consumer magazines, professional magazines and trade publications. Many jobs are advertised in magazines, whether they reach out to a wider audience or a specific target market.

Essentially, magazine advertisement allows you to appeal to a particular niche of individuals who are drawn to a specific industry. For example trade publications are geared towards people who work in specific businesses or industries, or are looking for work in these industries. Thus if you wish to appeal to individuals within a certain industry, it is useful to advertise in these publications.

Professional journals

There are numerous professional journals available, such as medical, nursing, or psychology journals. These journals are issued periodically and are distributed to industry professionals or those who are members of a particular institution.

If you are a business that operates within a specific industry, then it is recommended to advertise in a professional journal. This way, you can target your desired audience and be sure to attract the attention of well-qualified individuals.

Niche job boards

Employers often post positions on niche job boards to avoid being overwhelmed with applications from under or over-qualified candidates. By locating these job boards and advertising your recruitment positions here, you can track down the most appropriate and suitable candidates for the position.

Posting on job boards is also an economical strategy, as the advert is relatively cheap to produce and there is usually only a small fee charged for placing the advert.


Headhunting is a specialized executive search that enables you to find qualified individuals within a specific industry. Headhunting involves a number of techniques, such as researching, networking and acting upon the recommendations of other trusted professionals, in order to find the ideal candidate for your business needs. It is an excellent job posting strategy, as it puts you in contact with industry professionals and does not involve additional fees.

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies are a common offline strategy adopted by businesses that need particular positions to be filled. Once you have signed up with a recruitment agency, you will need to provide them with the necessary information regarding the available position, as well as any additional benefits that you wish to include. From here, the recruitment agency posts the advertisement on your behalf and forwards you any relevant CVs that they receive.

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