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Top Ten Petroleum Engineering Colleges in USA

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1. 1. University of Texas at Austin
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1930 was the exact year Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering program commenced at the University of Texas at Austin. It is currently among the top college in petroleum engineering graduate program. In addition, it is ranked the second in the undergrad program of the same major. Each year, the college admits approximately 90 students with an average SAT of 1370. Students enjoy a tight-knit environment required to equip them with the skills needed to prepare them for field leadership. Math, physics, management, analysis, geology and oil & gas extraction are among the courses studied at the university.

Petroleum engineers are on demand and will be for many years to come. Energy as a commodity always has an increase demand and this is precisely why any career that has a relationship with its storage, creation and transmission will never run out of demand by employers. There is always need for a balanced, affordable, environmental friendly and steady energy supply. Recent news proves that petroleum engineering is one of the top ten highly paid occupations. A lucrative career always starts in college and this is why you need to enroll in only the top colleges in order to be successful.

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