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Top Three Items to Eliminate from Your Facebook Profile

The new SimpleWash app which helps clean your Facebook profile of old embarrassing content can help you improve your chances of securing an offer of employment.

Below are my top three searches you should perform on yourself when looking for a new job.

I recommend you review your Facebook profile with this new app and delete the following content from your account to appeal to a broader range of potential employers.

# 1. Drink/Drinking/Drunk – Any variation of this word that leads to pictures or content of you is probably best removed from your account when you are looking for a new job. Yes socializing is fun, and though you may think the pictures or stories are harmless, be aware that future employers may not see what you see.

What about the comments left by your friends or acquaintances? Have they posted something that would be amusing only to you and very close friends? Bear in mind that employers have a colossal number of candidates chasing every vacancy. Something you consider funny while out at the weekend may mean that another candidate who is far more conservative in what they post online gets the job offer instead.

# 2. Offensive Jokes – Have a good think about the jokes you have posted and the terms that may appear in them. In a world which is becoming more interconnected and globally accessible by the day, are there any words in your jokes that may cause offense? Think about how an employer may feel if they see a term they deem offensive to their clients or company branding.

How you conduct yourself online is a reflection of how you may conduct yourself whilst representing their company if they were to hire you. Every future employer will dismiss your application if they feel you cannot have broad appeal with the people who ultimately buy the goods or services that they sell.

# 3. Job Criticism – Have you ever had a job in the past that you disliked? A summer job, internship or full time job, which you did in the past and have written about on Facebook, will be what a recruiter instantly zones in on when researching you. They will be focusing on what you have to say about your previous employers and reflecting on every detail.

Have you complained about any previous employers? Have you mocked the duties that you had to perform – or worse – the clients that you dealt with? Do you have any photos up identifying your previous workplace? Ensure that anything you have is positive and remove all criticism. No matter how justified you feel in your criticism of previous employers, do not advertise your feelings, as hiring companies want a positive influence joining their team.

Try to take a step back from yourself to judge your own profile from the perspective of a HR hiring manager, and remember that first impressions are very important in securing an interview or job offer.


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