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Top Tips for Executive Level Job Seekers


The recent economic downfall has had a severe impact on the employment sector within many countries across the globe, which has had a significant impact on executive-level and managerial positions. As the economy remains turbulent, many high-level job roles have become extremely vulnerable, whilst a number of companies have been forced to downsize in order to survive the impact of the recession.

Gaining job seeker success

As the market becomes saturated with available (and highly qualified) employees, competition for employment is becoming increasingly rife. As an individual searching for an executive level position, it is imperative that you understand the importance of professionally conducting yourself, in order to stand out from the crowd and prove that you can offer a high return on investment.

Executive level job seekers need certain tools in order to effectively market themselves and be successful in gaining employment. Without being fully equipped during the job hunting process, your search for employment may take longer than anticipated.

Create a top CV and Cover Letter

Creating a professional CV and cover letter is the foundation to one’s career success. An executive CV and cover letter must be well tailored, professional and concise. The first step is crafting a cover letter. This document must appeal directly to the individual reading it, and must reflect exactly what the recruiter is looking for. A well-written cover letter is a perfect stepping stone, encouraging a recruiter to read on to the CV.

Have a networking plan

Networking is the key to finding a good job quickly and efficiently, therefore having a networking plan is critical. Prepare a few key points that you would like to address during a conversation with one of your contacts. Be sure to sell yourself (without pressuring the individual) and ask industry-specific, well-targeted questions, such as: ‘Who might be interested in someone with my leadership experience and knowledge within your network of contacts?’

Prove that you are in it for the long run

You need to show a genuine passion for your area of expertise. The current saturated market has spoilt recruiters with abundant employee opportunities. It is therefore essential that you demonstrate something unique to your potential employer, in order to help you to better stand out from the crowd.

Have an employment portfolio ready

Prepare an employment portfolio and have it with you at all times. This will come in handy when attending recruitment fairs, when meeting with someone you have previously networked with or when attending a job interview. 

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