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Top Tips for Job Seekers

Being a job seeker is not always a great prospect unless you are a fresh graduate or seeking a career change. Unfortunately, in the current economic climate, finding a job can be considerably difficult, even with a good education, relevant skills and work experience!
As a result, job seekers must focus their energy on generating positive exposure of their employability to recruiters who are actively seeking new employees. With competition for each job vacancy, it is vital that you know how to appeal to recruiters!

Below are some useful tips for job seekers to help you land an interview, and secure employment!

#1 Create a compelling and insightful CV

  • If you are applying for jobs abroad as well as in your home country, be sure to structure your CV according to international CV standards
  • Tailor your CV for each individual job application you send
  • Include your skills, education, work experience and career highlights/achievements
  • Avoid fancy fonts, tables and too many sub headers; make sure it is clearly structured!
  • Sell yourself! Make it easy for recruiters by including keywords, highlighting your achievements and promoting your employability and relevance to the role

#2 Send an interesting cover letter

  • With every CV application, be sure to attach a tailored cover letter
  • Address your letter to the relevant person to show you have taken the time to research who will be interviewing you
  • Do not write more than 3 short paragraphs, and make them interesting, compelling and relevant to the role applied for
  • Highlight your additional attributes without simply regurgitating the information within your CV

#3 Submitting your applications

  • By sending your CV and cover letter via email, you can keep track of your applications and monitor the time it takes to receive responses
  • Avoid sending your applications by post as most employers and recruitment agencies will need to input your CV into their online database; paper based CVs just create more work!
  • Sending your applications in an online setting, you can easily amend your CV as required, and you can remove unnecessary formats and fonts according to the requirements of each company

#4 Know how to sell yourself

  • Your interview is your chance to impress the recruiter and influence their decision as to whether you have what it take to be their new employee
  • Usually within the first few minutes of meeting the recruiter they will have formed an impression of you so be sure to dress to impress, provide a handshake upon meeting, be polite and confident, and smile!
  • Research the company and tailor your responses to show that you have researched the organization
  • Sell your key attributes and skills in a manner that matches the exact requirements of the job
  • When talking about your past work experiences, make sure that you talk about the most relevant aspects of each job that will help the recruiter to picture you in the role you are applying for

#5 Make a lasting impression

  • After an interview, make sure you shake each interviewers hand and thank them for their time in meeting with you
  • A day or two after your interview, send a follow up ‘thank you’ email
  • Your thank you email should reiterate your appreciation for the interview and your desire to be considered for the role


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