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JOB SEARCH / NOV. 03, 2014
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Top Trending Jobs for Canadian Immigrants

Moving to a new country is never easy. It takes time to adjust and establish a life. Identifying career prospects can be challenging, especially if you’re adapting to a Canadian lifestyle. My husband immigrated from England in 2012. It can be challenging, however, Canada is a vast country with a lot of opportunity.

Although competition in major cities is high, there are many opportunities spread out across each and every province. The Working in Canada Online Tool is really helpful in terms of requirements, salary, qualifications, and more. It allows you to see what you’d make within different provinces.

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Although opportunities are high, there are three main areas in which provide growth potential. These three sectors are construction, health care, and natural resources.

 Three Job Sectors Trending for Canadian Immigrants

Although it’s important to choose a career that you’re good at and enjoy, it’s also important to focus on a career that will provide growth and opportunity in the future. The following three sectors are the main focus for both Canadians and Canadian immigrants.

 Natural Resources

If you have experience in the gas or oil industry, you will be able to find work in Canada. By 2015, it’s estimated that the petroleum industry will need at least 9,500 new workers. This will be due to increased production in the oil sands. Careers such as mining engineers, electrical engineers, project managers, heavy equipment operators, and mechanical engineers will all be in demand.

For any career in engineering, you need to have a professional recognition from a professional association of engineers. You will also require a four-year university degree. Foreign engineers generally have to take exams and relicense.

If you’re newly graduated, companies are looking to take on individuals who can be trained within the company itself. You do not need to have a massive amount of experience in order to be considered, you will just not make as much as the more experienced individuals. Depending on experience, engineers can be paid anywhere from $51,000 to $215,000 per year. Drilling rig crews are paid hourly, ranging from $27 to $43 per hour.


By the year 2032, seniors will make up 25% of the Canadian population. This will require increased healthcare in terms of nursing, support workers, medical technologists, and occupational therapists. Nursing is regulated, so nurses are required to pass a nursing exam in order to practise. This is the case whether or not they’re Canadian trained. Salaries range from $38,000 to $58,000 per year. Some practitioners make up to $80,000 per year.

There will be an increased demand for those individuals with IT skills and knowledge of the healthcare industry. Technology is advancing, so it’s important that the medical technology sector grows. The skills and knowledge to use newer forms of technology will be vital. This will include lab technologists and medical radiation technologists. Salaries range anywhere from $40,000 to $80,000 per year.


The Canadian construction industry is stable and going strong. Construction represents 13% of Canada’s economy, as a $168 billion industry. Construction will continue to steadily grow into the future. Opportunities exist across the country, with a strong market within the west. There’s also a lot of opportunity in Saskatchewan, Northern Ontario, Alberta, and Newfoundland.

Many construction trades require an apprenticeship, which generally take 3-5 years to complete. As you learn, you have the ability to make money. Salaries tend to vary across provinces and positions. An experienced journeyperson can make around $35 per hour.

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If you’re looking to immigrant to Canada, these sectors have a lot of potential. You may also be a Canadian who is looking to switch careers. Job security is important, and these three sectors offer a lot of opportunity well into the future.   


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