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Track Your Content ROI

If you’re any type of content creator, you know how important metrics are. From views to clicks and more, metrics are the only way to properly gauge your content’s success. Your end goals cannot be reached without the use of metrics; you’re trekking blind if you aren’t watching the tiny details of your content’s journey across the internet.

Captora has taken the big leap and created a beautiful infographic in which content creators can find tips and tricks for measuring the ROI--return on investment--of their content. 

In the infographic above, Captora details the ways in which creators can track metrics that determine the ROI of content. The first step in watching your ROI goals is to set goals upfront; for instance, decision makers love to see content, not plain advertising. Customers are drawn in and charmed by custom content, and they engage with it 50% more than advertisements.

However, despite these facts, only 27% of content creators are tracking essential metrics. But before you begin subscribing to analytics software and tracking options, consider setting some content goals such as increased brand awareness, customer acquisition, engagement, traffic and sales. By setting these goals, you’ll feel less overwhelmed when it comes time to look at all the data.

According to the data, content like infographics and guides are some of the most popular content out there; they often result in the highest click-to-open rates, which means that when the headline comes across social media, customers are more likely to click and follow through a link in order to view content. Custom infographics are great for businesses who specialize in data or market research.

Creating effective content that engages readers doesn’t have to be difficult; anyone can track metrics and see success with their content. Consider some of the statistics and tips in the infographic in order to get the most from your time and money investments in content. Remember, over half of consumers buy from companies that use custom content.

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