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Traffic Police Training in Belgium

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Traffic Police is one of the departments of the Administrative Police under the Federal Police of Belgium. There are an estimated 12, 500 personnel employed by the Federal Police of Belgium, with approximately 1000 working as traffic police. The Federal Police head is referred to as the General Commissioner, who is responsible for the following divisions: the Administrative Police, the Criminal Investigation Department and Operational Support Unit.


The primary duties of traffic police incorporate the various aspects of traffic; this includes speed controls, breath tests to determine alcohol and drug consumption of drives, control of heavy goods vehicles and using mobile phones whilst driving. Traffic police is dominantly present on all Belgian highways, with policeman driving motorcycles or cars.


Candidates that wish to work in the Administrative Police sector of Traffic Police must complete the necessary training in order to become qualified police officers. The initial and basic training requires individuals to take more than 600 hours of training during the period of four months. This incorporates three modules that must be completed by all candidates:

  1. Traffic Police

The minimum hours required to complete the traffic police training is 380 hours. The training will involve functional training of a number of traffic related tasks. During this time, candidates will obtain the necessary knowledge and information to successfully act as traffic police in Belgium, including role, road checks, road users and road accidents. Candidates will be required to study traffic and heavy transport to successfully complete this module.

  1. Policeman-motorcyclist

Candidates must invest a minimum of 165 hours into this training module. This module includes theory, proactive driving and first aid. In addition to these, candidates will learn the riding of an official motorbike and how to provide an official escort to government officials.

  1. Driving official vehicles fast in urgent circumstances

This is the last module of the traffic police training and requires individuals to spend a minimum of 48 hours in training. During this period, the candidates will learn how to drive proactively through circuit driving and learn antiskid techniques.

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