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Traineeships Prove Real Way to Land a Paid Job for UK and US

With unemployment in the UK and US leveling progressively, younger graduate applicants have recently been described as “left behind” says USA’s The Daily Beast. In a similar release by The Guardian, British recruiters now look to offer traineeship schemes to the out of work as per the advice of local job centres.

18 year old jobseeker Luke Hook finally accepted a traineeship after 6 months of unemployment as a result of threats from the job center to cut his unemployment benefits. Luke, now a few months into the apprentice program, is now earning a wage. Revealing to The Guardian that the traineeship "picked up where school failed". Luke says “With the atmosphere of school and the way they treat you, you don’t feel like you are getting somewhere. Here they treat you like an adult, they are trying to push you forwards".

Luke’s fellow trainee Conner Bragg left school after being diagnosed with dyspraxia and dyslexia, Conner in a statement said “Give me an exam and I will fail it, but ask me questions and I can answer them". Connor continued to express his approval towards the traineeship, as he now looks to use the program to acquire a forklift license.

Similarly a release by USA Today reveals that "all young people under the age of 25 years receive a good-quality offer of employment, continued education, an apprenticeship or a traineeship within four months of becoming unemployed or leaving formal education." Indicating that the programs released nationwide are very much the same as within the UK. 

Several companies have begun immediately as last month’s Inside Housing revealed that a new “Homes Work” campaign is set to prevent rising levels of unemployment through the use of traineeships offered within the housing sector.

Both the UK and US have now incorporated similar plans with local recruiters to offer wider ranges of traineeships in several other areas of agreed incentive programs. However arguments from senior policy officer at the TUC Iain Murray said: “We are supportive of traineeships but we think there need to be safeguards in place to ensure young people are not being exploited.”

Inside Government explained last month of the “Tackling Youth Unemployment 2014: Enhancing Opportunities, Developing Skills” forum looks to further examine case studies when preparing young people for employment, the true effectiveness of careers guidance and general results from work-based learning.

The newly released press makes for a lucrative assumption that both the UK and US seek to adopt similar approaches when looking to tackle graduate unemployment, by offering traineeship entry roles, with a view to paid placement. 

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