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How to Transfer Enjoyable Skills to your Career

The greatest misconception in the career world today is that career skills should be limited to one’s academic credentials. Consequently, this institutionalized mindset has for decades made many careerists approach the workplace as a painful pill they’ve got to swallow to pay their bills. And it’s really unfortunate because there are life experiences beyond lecture halls that give us such unique and enjoyable skills yet we simply brush them off as mere child’s play. But here’s the thing, in this stressful and hectic world, you’ve got to fight for your own happiness or else you’ll live your life succumbing to a stressful career streak. However, many careerists are too weak to fight for their happiness because of the...

Misplaced Career Habits that Limit the Application of Enjoyable Skills
There are some traditional career habits carried on from the industrial age that still persist to this very day. And as long as people hold on to these misconceptions, then they will never use their enjoyable skills to their career advantage. These misplaced habits include:

  • Using pressures of life to keep working instead of the happiness and satisfaction that comes from overcoming daily challenges.
  • Following a career merely for perks and hefty salaries instead of pursuing a career path that embraces your true personality.
  • Falling for the peer pressure of the majority in the job market that accept the fate of a stressful and unfulfilling career.
  • Being a dull personality that just does work for the sake of doing it.
  • Not having the guts to call it quits even when a job is making you miserable.
  • Being afraid of your true career dreams because their sheer magnitude scares you.
  • Using your background upbringing as a ’realistic’ justification for limiting your potential.
  • Letting the opinions of others take central position in your career decisions.

How then do we Transfer Enjoyable Skills to our Careers
The main source of enjoyable skills is usually the hobbies we indulge in during our free time. These can range from games to a side-hustle you manage during your free time. And as we indulge in these hobbies, some passion is ignited when we put some of our enjoyable skills into action. However, the major challenge is to make these enjoyable skills reflect in our careers. So how does one achieve that?

#1 Be yourself and choose a career role that you truly enjoy
When your personality is at play, even the untapped enjoyable skills get revealed because the workplace becomes a conducive environment that embraces your true talent. Consequently, you become intuitive and thus end up making smart decisions with prosperous results in your career.

#2 Change your attitude regarding the workplace by learning from the experiences of people who’ve enjoyed their careers
What did they do to turn their dull office into a conducive playground? Learn this through great sources such as motivational books, informative blogs and even TV shows. Your experienced mentors can also give you great advice as to how you should pull this off.

#3 Have a winner’s mentality in all affairs even during tough and discouraging times
Failures should not be moments of self-condemnation. But they should actually be opportunities for self re-alignment. In fact, disappointments should be viewed as successes that are inside out. Because ultimately, it’s not about being perfect, but it is about taking advantage of your imperfections to the maximum.

#4 Surround yourself with people who have a similar attitude
From social media engagement to social events on the ground, choose your career acquaintances like a wine taster choosing the finest wine. That way, you’ll get rid of all sceptics and discouragers trying to weigh you down in a bid to gain some company in their miserable career journey. At the end of the day, it’s your life and you have the power to choose what’s best for you.

Don’t you find it funny when people perceive billionaires as spoilt brats for enjoying their lives to the full? And yet everybody wants to enjoy their lives. So instead of wasting our precious time judging others, maybe it’s time we became true to ourselves by working on our happiness in our own capacity. And who knows? Maybe transferring your enjoyable skills to your career might be a great start...

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