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Tricks to Winning a Higher Salary Negotiation – Infographic

Negotiating your salary during a job interview could be both awkward and daunting. While this is understandable, you shouldn’t allow yourself to feel uncomfortable.  

Below, there are a few tips on how to strategically handle the art of negotiating a higher salary with human resources or the interviewer. The key is to remain professional, be proud of who you are and what you can offer and be down-to-earth with your negotiating.

Key Tips:

Know your value: Be completely familiar with your skills and qualities that make you the best candidate. If necessary, give examples of how your skills, experience and personality traits make you an asset for the employer and a better fit compared to competitors.

Be fair and realistic: Show the employer that you negotiate a fair compensation based on what other employers offer in the same industry as you. When you need to give a counter offer, you’d better give them the exact number of your salary expectations. This proves that you have done your research when it comes to similar positions in the market.

Prioritise: Before setting out to negotiate, list your expectations and priorities. Is a high salary the No.1 priority for you and you wouldn’t be willing to sacrifice it for anything else? Or would you compromise your salary for extra benefits or flexible working conditions? Figure out what works best for you.

Avoid face-to-face communication: You are better off negotiating your salary over the phone or email rather than face-to-face, and this is a proven fact.

Find out more valuable tips on how to use psychology to win a higher salary in this infographic brought to you by Job Cluster

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