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How to Turn Google Alerts into your Personal Electronic Assistant for Job Search

The latest recruiting methods used by companies and the formula of not advertising some of their available jobs, has put greater challenges on common job seekers. Cracking the hidden jobs market is never going to get easy either. That is why it is important to make use of every available job-search tool. Google alerts is one of them.

Why Google Alerts?

Google Alerts is a tool that sends you free emails whenever search engines find specific information that is relevant to topics set by you. They include news, articles, press releases among other forms of information. Google Alerts can be used to collect company news, product news, people or company related information.     

As the name suggests, the tool alerts you on specific ‘insider information’ that is a huge advantage over your competitors. You will quickly learn about business opportunities, market expansions and key changes before it is noted by the general public. It can be your personal assistant in job searching, functioning 24/7.    

Different ways to use Google Alerts Smartly

a)      Keep a track on the employers you are interested in

Google Alerts can help you get an inside scoop on the latest News on organizations you would love to work with. News and updates about the organization can help you perform well during interviews. By showing yourself as one who has a fair knowledge about the company developments, you will strengthen your chances of being hired. News from Google Alerts can help you determine which company is better based on their positives and negatives.   

b)       Filtering by location

You can also choose to receive alerts about organizations of interest in specific geographic locations. This is useful if you are searching for a job in the place you live in or plan to move. Experimenting with different keywords or terms can help you get maximum information.

c)       For tracking important people

Today, referrals and networking are the best methods to find suitable jobs. Hence, it is important to keep in touch with people who can help you in your job search. While LinkedIn is the most professional networking site, Google Alerts can help you track information about market movers and shakers, especially those who are not in your LinkedIn connection list.

Many of these professionals don’t always update their LinkedIn pages. This is where Google Alerts come into play.

d)      Making your personal brand

Today, having a strong online presence is one of the best ways to excel in your job search. Make up your personal brand by taking relevant information using Google Alerts and spreading it around. You can also consider using social media sites for this purpose.

Setting up Google Alerts for your own name is never a bad idea. Make sure to maintain a clean image. Just in case you find offending information about you or your brand, you can take action to get rid of it. At least, you will know the issues beforehand and be prepared for it.

Setting up Google Alerts for any specific topic is very easy. This effective tool is a job seeker’s weapon. Why would you miss out on it when you know that the job market today is a tough game? Google Alerts could be your perfect game changer.

If you have used Google Alerts before and are aware of its special abilities, share your experience in the comment section below.    


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