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How to Turn Your Hobby Into a Job Opportunity

In a perfect world, most of us would be earning an income doing what we most love in this world, whether it’s writing the Great American Novel, producing impeccable computer code or creating a new line of clothing.

Unfortunately, this is an imperfect world and a lot of the work that needs to be completed is done by those who want something else that is more fulfilling. The floor needs to be mopped, the cable has to be repaired, paperwork must be filed and the phones have to be answered. All of these tasks require a person to perform them (for now).

Of course, with advancements in technology presents us with more career opportunities and working on something we have a passion for. If you have immense dedication for a specific hobby or interest then how do you turn that into a job opportunity? Thanks to the Internet, there are plenty of ways to do so.

Here are some tips for transforming a hobby into a career.

What Is It?

What’s the business? Sit down and consider what exactly you want to do with your hobby. Do you want to teach how to garden? Do you want to provide a writing service? Will you be cooking daily meals for busy families? There are plenty of ways to monetise your hobby so be sure to consider what you want to do carefully.

The next time you find yourself confused as to how to generate income from your hobbies, search out the most successful entrepreneurs in your area of interest and study their business models and revenue streams,” said Nancy Collamer, a career coach at, in an interview with Forbes.


If you’re turning a hobby into a job and becoming a freelancer or at-home career opportunist then you must realise that you’re facing global competition. It’s important to perform your due diligence and conduct plenty of research to understand your niche and the field.

Let’s face it: there are tens of thousands of writers, artists, web developers, marketers and administrative professionals on a global level. Is there a certain market to tap into? A wide variety of research will aid you in becoming a successful freelancer and entrepreneur.

Business Plan

Every business venture needs one thing: a plan. Each private enterprise needs to start with a basic plan and an answer to the common questions: how do you plan to fund your company? How do you plan to market it? How much do you plan to invest in it? What are your revenue projections?

Once you have a business plan then you won’t get lost.


Whether you’re selling dog clothing, writing services or graphic designs, you need a website to inform the world that you’re here and ready to complete any job a prospective client wants done. The website should be detailed with contact information, a comprehensive list of services and pricing.


Indeed, with tens of millions of websites on the Internet today it’s quite easy to be undiscovered. Therefore, learning some basic marketing tips can do wonders for your hobby-turned-business. One of the best marketing initiatives these days is to establish your business on social media and communicate regularly with your audiences.

Other important tips:

- Word-of-mouth in the neighborhood

-  Promotional material (business cards, pamphlets, t-shirts)

-  Networking (in-person)

On-site vs. Off-site

You may suffer from Dilbert’s “chronic cubicle syndrome” but you might realise that working on-site at a company might provide you with important tools on how to run an efficient business. If you enjoy the job you do each day but just dislike the regular 9-5 life then learn different ways on how to profit off of your experience and go into business for yourself. Ask around, seek advice and pay attention.

So, don’t quit your day job just yet.


To ensure that your hobby-into-career transition becomes a success, think about taking some business courses. If you’re unsure how to balance a budget, create a website or market your product or service then consider applying for an online or offline post-secondary course that can teach you the basics of business.

It’s also possible that you could meet others in your field and network.

Have you turned a hobby into a lucrative career opportunity? Let us know in the comment section.



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