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How to turn your Organization into a more Desirable Place

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In a work environment, two factors that are most likely to make an employee happy are high pay and fancy perks. However, there are other aspects too that employees love having in their workplaces including job satisfaction, recognition and challenges. Many successful companies or organizations that are dearly loved by their employees are not the ones that offer expensive and lavish perks.

Instead, they are companies that know what employees exactly want.

Glassdoor’s yearly list of Best Places to Work consists of organizations from different industries including retail, oil and gas, finance and other sectors. So how did these companies make it to the list? What can you learn from these companies in order to make your concern a more desirable one?

1)      Helping your people understand their own values

Good employers always have high standards of hiring. They know that having good people employed will also attract other talented candidates. As a result, they look forward to fill their ranks with strong employees and keep the current team motivated and happy.

When you realize that your candidate interacts well for your brand or company, it’s your chance to show them what the company is made of. You can set clear expectations, skills and experiences required to succeed in your company. This way you can recruit people that are better fit for your open jobs. Secondly, it helps in operating a work environment where employees respect each other better.

When your current employees are happy and satisfied, the word is spread among friends and people they know. This is a positive marketing tactic too. It helps you attract better people for work. According to a research by Glassdoor, 96% of job seekers choose their workplace after reading online reviews posted by current employees of the company.    

2)      Your employees must feel their own importance



Many bosses may not agree to the theory of “listening to your employees”. But the truth is that good ideas may come from anywhere; and who better than people who understand your business? By conducting regular meetings, asking for new ideas and opinions, appreciating good work and good ideas, you are only going to increase your company’s innovating ability. After all, the world is a better place when many heads are put together.

By letting their voices heard and giving them a sense of importance, you are more likely to make an employee happy and entice them to show more dedication. Try to get your employees to discuss on issues that are uncovered. If an employee wants certain areas to be improved, help them understand why those areas cannot be solved immediately or encourage them to come up with new ideas to solve them.

3)      When there is enough opportunity to grow


Apart from being heard and making them realize their values, employees also feel encouraged when there is more room for training and career advancement. Nobody likes to remain stagnant with their grades, salaries, responsibility levels and other aspects of career growth. To many, career growth is as important as their salaries. Top companies don’t approve any training opportunity. They look for training opportunities that are more useful to their own nature of work.

When talented employees are not presented with new opportunities and challenges to help their growth, it simply means you cannot keep them for long.

4)      Appointing capable leaders


Good employers appoint smart leaders who are not only easily accessible but are capable of leading their respective teams with clear and articulated growth directions. Your leaders must be strong enough to take tough decisions, sometimes. Some of these decisions can be unpopular or could even backfire. So your leader must also be a great balancer too.

5)      Getting enough appreciation may be the key



Whether in words or perks or friendly policies, companies can show their appreciations in many ways. If you can afford expensive perks, free lunches, gym memberships and free travels are some great options. You can also think of less expensive perks like offering an opportunity to telecommute or take up new responsibilities. A word of appreciation like “Awesome Job” or even a “Thank you” means a lot to hard-working employees. The bigger picture here is to give them a feeling of being appreciated.

As you think of developing a roadmap for making your company more desirable, you must also ask yourself the following points. Are you listening to your people, leading and empowering them with a clear vision? Do you appreciate them enough? Ask your team leaders to do the same and you will work wonders in boosting staff morale.

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