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Turning Traditional Recruitment on its Head

As more and more job seekers turn to their social networks in order to find employment, many companies are aiming to formalize the process of finding employees and overcoming the issues encountered with traditional recruitment by making full use of unconventional recruitment strategies. Doing so has numerous benefits, such as speeding up the hiring process and finding more qualified job seekers.

Social recruiting

Social recruiting is when companies and recruiters use sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and so on to find and hire candidates for available vacancies. It is a very proactive approach to finding employees, and breaks down the traditional barriers of creating the vacancy, posting it in a newspaper, magazine or other traditional medium and awaiting responses. Social recruiting allows for immediate results and speeds up the entire process of finding candidates.


One of the latest ways to find top job seekers is to use a technique known as ‘crowdsourcing’. Crowdsourcing, also known as social recruitment, involves outsourcing employees via referrals, and some companies go one step further by paying people for successfully referring a friend or contact.

Crowdsourcing is a very useful technique in the field of recruitment as it encourages your company’s social followers, friends and employees to send you suggestions for potentially good candidates. It is also a great way to attract candidates in a quick and efficient manner.

Crowdsourcing is a much faster way to recruit candidates than traditional means, and has been found to generate much more loyal employees than through colder, less personal techniques. This is because people are reluctant to make suggestions if they do not feel that those referrals would be a genuinely good fit for the position. 


For this reason, referrals and crowdsourcing are a huge global opportunity to attract good talent. Good referrals are worth their weight in gold and therefore as a recruiter you should do your utmost to encourage others to refer job seekers where they see fit. Referrals are also both money and time saving, and are known to generate the highest caliber of job seekers. 

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