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JOB SEARCH / JUL. 25, 2013
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How to Tweet to Land a Job

Although the 10 second rule is often affiliated with food, it can easily be applied to reflect the status of the current recruitment market. Employers want to learn everything relevant about a potential employee within 20 seconds so that they can determine whether it is profitable to pursue a candidate or not. The best example of the fast pace of the employment market is Twitter.

This social networking platform adopts the ideology that ‘less is more’ – enabling users to express themselves within 140 character or less. This limited space has not only lead to a decrease in useless information, but it has allowed users to become more concise and to the point.

Here are 3 ways that job seekers can tweet in order to land the job they want:

Be Relevant

There are numerous accounts on Twitter that are for the sole purpose of spamming their followers. Usually these accounts are blocked and have less number of followers because no one wants to read tweets that have no value.

Job seekers should demonstrate their capabilities and skills through their tweets by posting interesting messages. The space may be limited, but the weight of each tweet is to be determined by the user. Engage with others tweeting about similar topics and make your expertise shine through!

Stay with the Trends

There are several ways of tweeting trends on Twitter. Find out the trends within a specific country or region, and compose tweets that are related to them. Tweeting trends can help your tweets get enhanced exposure by others, as well as engagement from other users.

If you are unable to relate your topic of tweeting to the trends – just don’t do it! Many job seekers make the habit of tweeting trends even when their tweets do not make sense – thus making their account look like that of a spammer.

Master Hashtags

The most useful feature of twitter that is available to job seekers is the hashtags. This is the simple addition of the ‘#’ symbol accompanied with a keyword. By adding this to your tweet, you immediately make your tweet searchable for that word.

Apart from tweeting with relevant hashtags, you should add some to your Twitter bio (appears at the top of your profile). This will ensure that your profile appears in search results for a specific keyword. For example: #marketing. 

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