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Twitter V. Recruitment Consultancies

Recruitment strategies have often involved the services of recruitment consultancies, however, with the growing trend of social media and its impact on the recruitment industry, social sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have changed the way companies are employing their recruitment strategies.

The growth of Twitter

Huge following: Twitter’s following is growing every day, and with its current 500 million users, it is already one of the biggest networking platforms in the world.

Targeted tweeting: Depending on the number of followers you have, you can reach a vast audience by tweeting your job post. If you want your job post to be seen by certain groups of candidates, then you can use the hash tag system to help target your tweet to followers who are actively searching for jobs like the one you are advertising.

Retweeting: A great benefit of Twitter is that your tweets may be retweeted by your followers who will then tweet your post to their followers. This is a great way of getting your job post out there to as many people as possible.

FREE: Twitter is a free social media network, which will save you having to pay the costs traditional recruitment agencies would charge. With many companies suffering from the recession, recruitment costs need to be kept to an all time low and this is one of the reasons why social media is having a great impact on the recruitment industry.

Band Identity: Twitter can be used to help build up your brand identity as a recruiter. Most companies will have their own social accounts and so individuals who are already following your company will be directly targeted by job vacancies you publish via tweets.

Why is Twitter more favorable than traditional recruitment agencies?

Costly: Recruitment agencies are costly and there is no guarantee that they will be able to deliver candidates that you believe are suited for the job. Usually, the fee a recruitment agency will charge will also reflect the salary of the job advertised, which means the higher the salary, the higher the fee!

Limited: Although not the case with all agencies, many have a database of candidates that they approach when they have vacancies to fill. Their database may be outdated and you may find that many of the candidates they have are not interested in your job. If you use a recruitment agency, you need to be sure that they will approach new job seekers and advertise your position on popular online platforms.

Formal: Unlike social media platforms, advertising your job on a recruitment website is consider to be more formal and professional. This may work for you if you are recruiting for a high-level position, but if you want to attract a younger, more social media friendly candidate, then Twitter would be the best option.

Essentially, there are positive and negative points about using both traditional recruitment agencies and Twitter for recruiting. However, if you are after a low cost option that will still ensure a vast audience sees your vacancy, then Twitter could be the most suitable course of action for you.



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