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Types of Careers in the Hellenic Police

The Hellenic Police Force provides eligible candidates excellent career opportunities and a rewarding work environment. Comprised of police officers, Special Police Guards, Border Guards and civilians, Hellenic Police is an equal opportunities employer and offers a broad range of professional areas for employees to specialize in.

Police officers

The responsibilities of Hellenic police officers vary depending on whether they are a general assignment officer or a special assignment officer. The main difference between general and special assignment officers is that special assignment officers only serve in specialist departments, while general assignment officers can serve in all police departments.

Special assignment officers can be:

  • Scientists

  • Biologists, chemists

  • Auditors

  • Physicians

Civilian staff

The Hellenic police force is open to civilian staff, who can be contracted for specific tasks, or full time employees depending on their area of specialism and skill set. Civilian employees are commonly recruited for administrative positions.

Special Police Guards

Special Police Guards are known as ‘specialist’ officers as their main responsibilities involve carrying out patrols and guarding vulnerable targets.

Border Guards

Border Guards, like Special Police Guards, are categorized as specialist officers and are responsible for combating illegal immigration.

Hellenic Police Ranks

  • Police Lieutenant General

  • Police Major General

  • Police Brigadier General

  • Police Colonel

  • Police Lieutenant Colonel

  • Police Major

  • Police Captain

  • Police Lieutenant

  • Police Secont Lieutenant

  • Police Warrant Officer

  • Police Sergeant

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